Friday, September 26, 2008

Create: The Club!

I've noticed that there are quite a few of us out there who like to be crafty, but who don't find the time to do it.  Back in March I started a craft-of-the-month club that's cooler than it sounds. (Crafts get such a bad rap!)  Here are some of the pictures from the last few months.
Want to join us?  Below is a list of the things we've done in the past and what's on the calendar for the future.  Email me at: and I'll send you directions.

Date & Creation

Mar 27, 2008- Paci Clips

Apr 17, 2008- Lip Gloss & Purse

May 15, 2008- Polka-Dot Storage Bins

June- Aug Summer Break

Sept. 18, 2008- Glass Magnets

Oct. 9, 2008- Terra-cotta Pot Cupcake Holder or Jack-o-lantern

Nov. 20, 2008- Stationery and Gift Tags

Dec. 18, 2008- Christmas Party

Jan. 15, 2009- Burp Cloths 

Feb. 19, 2009- Planning Meeting

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homemade by jill said...

Hi Sarah -

Good luck on your new blog. It looks great! I love your idea for a craft club. I have tried to get one started in the past, but it's been so inconsistant. Way to go for getting stuff on the calendar ahead of time. :)