Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog of the Week: Blue Bucket Photography

My dear friend Amy (pictured with her hubby Ross below) is a self-taught photographer specializing in lifestyle and editorial photography.  She started a blog, Blue Bucket Photography, a year ago and it has been so much fun watching her talent grow!  
If you've ever tried to take that perfect picture of your little one, your friends, or pet you know just how ridiculously hard it is to get all of the elements right... lighting, balance, focus... just when you think it's perfect you snap your shot only to realize that your camera has timed out and shut off.  Or is that just me!?  Photography is such an art form and Amy has a God-given talent in her art, so I am proud to show off her blog to you as our blog of the week this week.  I hope you enjoy Blue Bucket Photography
Oh and if you think these pictures are awesome you should see how well she captures animals on film!  I've never seen anything like it.  I'm serious.

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Ross and Amy Free said...

Yeah, she does pretty well for herself :) Hope you all are doing well in Raleigh! We need to catch up with you all next time we are in town!