Thursday, March 5, 2009

Organizational Week Day 4: Baby Stuff

For being so little, babies come with a ton of "stuff."  I quickly realized this when I started going to the showers for my little guy... before he had even entered the world, we had a ton of supplies for him that needed a home.  Walmart usually has all of their stacking drawers like the one below on sale right before school starts, so I jumped on it.  
I use these drawers daily and it's my best tip for new mommies!Another tip is to use the Arm and Hammer Fridge and Freezer Pack in your diaper pail.  It's safe and it absorbs the smell rather than masking it.  I love it!


Wendy said...

What do you use to store the clothes, socks, and shoes that your little one outgrows? I am trying to come up with a good system to organize and store the items for future babies.

Sarah said...

Wendy, great question! Here's what I do. My son is currently 15 months old and in 12-18 month clothes. I have a Rubbermaid container in his closet labeled "12-18 month Fall and Winter" as soon as he outgrows an article of clothing I wash, fold and put it away in that container. The closet is full of only the things he can currently wear and when the bin is full it goes into the attic. That way when baby #2 comes along (Lord willing) I will quickly be able to pull clothes from the age and season that I might need. Hope that helps!