Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eating Creatively- Part 1

My 25-member family is at the beach this week.  Every year we all pile into one house and have a mega blast together!  Whenever you get this many of us in one place you can bet we'll be doing a lot of eating!  These traditions seem so natural to me after doing them for the last 28 years, but this year I saw them through fresh eyes and I thought I would share with you a two part post about the way we eat at the beach!  

Although it's not fresh seafood... heck, who really knows what's in these things anyways... we always have a "dogs on the beach day."  Uncle Bill lugs out his charcoal grill and cracks open a few cans of chili.  (Please note that we do use very authentic shell serving utensils!)
This year the guys whipped up a table out of some driftwood we found in the dunes, pretty impressive I'd say, complete with a lower shelf and trash bag hook! 
This year we rivaled Kobayashi in our hot dog consumption!  Hot dogs taste so much better on the beach!

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colleen said...

Thanks, so much, for this blog entry. We're planning for our 1st reunion of 26 grown-kids and gr-kids next week. I'm planning a GLUTTON COMPETITION of Jello, etc for the young ones. This gives me good ideas!