Thursday, November 5, 2009

Handmade Christmas

Pssst... It's November... that means Christmas is just around the corner! If you're stumped about what to give this year I've got 574 good ideas for you! That's how many awesome pictures are posted in Create's Flicker Group called "Handmade Gift Ideas." Just check these out:

Lyrical Song Birds (the song lyrics are written on the bird's wings!)
Bookmark Clips (It looks like this is just a covered button with a paperclip attached... how easy!)
Who Doesn't need a 2010 Calendar? This one is downloadable here.


Heather - said...

OOooh, good find - the book clip!

Deborah Raymond said...

This is FANTASTIC!Though I have to admit that I really just need to finish all of the many projects that I have started before adding new ones to the mix. Oh, never mind that, I'll start a hundred more and enjoy it!

Thepearsonfamilee said...

I enjoyed your idea for the posies! A couple of Thanksgivings ago I made Pyramid boxes with truffles in them for Thanksgiving favors and placecards. A friend printed up the names of our guests, cut them out with a punch, I attached them to the boxes and everyone LOVED them!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the ideas! I checked out the Flickr group, and there are so many great ideas to add to my list! Maybe I'll get them all made by 2020... ;)