Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

Owen and I went on a special date to pick strawberries a couple weeks ago. They were juuuuust right!
If you ask him about it though, you're sure to hear about the hay maze...
Or how yummy they tasted...
He may even tell you about the cows on the hay ride. "Mommy! Those silly cows are wearing ear rings!"
One thing he probably won't tell you about though is the actual picking that went on.
Because after 30 minutes of picking, that's mommy's bucket on the right and Owen's bucket on the left!
So, while he sure does love those strawberries, he left the picking up to me. And I'm fine with that!
I ended up making one batch of strawberry jam (recipe from the liquid pectin box), a batch of strawberry syrup (to drizzle over pancakes and ice cream), I dried a few (but that didn't work out too well), strawberry popsicles, and smoothies. I've also got a batch of puree ready to make fruit roll-ups. That is, if we're not totally strawberried-out by then!

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Kristin said...

Yum! Please tell me you are near Seattle, because I really want to got here! I'm sure I can find a U-pick around though - what a great date! Fantastic photos.