Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blogaversary Competition Answer...

Oh my goodness, I'm still alive! I never intended to make you all wait this long, but life has gotten super-duper crazy lately. I'll spare you the details, and get right to the fun part...

The lie was... #13! I don't drink coffee, only fun "fru-fru" coffee when I hang out with friends. Some of these deserve a little more info though, so I'll share the details:

1. I've visited 5 of the 7 continents. (I've never been to Africa or Antarctica... burr!)
2. I won an eating contest in college. (True! I ate a giant burrito!)
3. I ate french toast for almost 2 solid months every morning. (Yep, I'm in love with French Toast and when I was in the hospital with Trey I ordered it every morning... my doctors actually changed my name, "What's going on French Toast?!")
4. I've lived in NC my whole life and just visited TN for the first time this summer. (OK, that's the one that I accidently lied on... my oldest friend Anna cleared that up for me. I forgot that I did live in VA for a little while... how did I forget that!, but yes I did visit TN for the FIRST time this summer!)
5. My husband and I don't own any pets and we don't want to. (True!)
6. I lived in London for a summer. (Studied abroad during college)
7. I hate (with a passion) roaches and chemistry! (Amen! Equally scary and yucky.)
8. My husband and I have been leading a local Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle for 8 years. (Yup, we love those kids and that school so much!)
9. I'm on a co-ed flag football team right now. (True, we've played for years, this year I'm an alternate.)
10. I was the student body president of my high school. (True again)
11. My favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed up as Daisy from the Great Gatsby. (Because I scored a full length fur coat and October is cold!)
12. I've had a blood transfusion and stitches, but I've never broken a bone. (I've almost chopped my finger off, but never had a broken bone.)
13. I can't function without my cup of coffee in the morning! (Big Fat Lie)
14. I'm convinced I should have been a kindergarten teacher. (I missed my calling)
15. I have webbed toes and my fingers are webbed more than the average person too! (haha! true!)
16. When I was little I couldn't say my name so I called myself "Sayboo." (My oldest friends still call me that!)
17. I was a journalism major, but I've actually spelled "of" "uv" once before. (Ugh, can you believe that!?)
18. My husband is a scratch golfer and my son's first word to read was "golf." (what can I say, we like golf around here.)
19. My husband proposed to me at his rival college... my college. (What a good sport he is.)
20. I've held a koala bear. (Yes, and they are SO slow.)


Unknown said...

wow! you are one interesting girl! the coffee thing?? really?? that's so sad. i love coffee with all my heart. you're missing out, girl! :)

KillerB said...

I am so jealous that you got to hold a koala bear!