Monday, November 28, 2011

A Circus Party... the show must go on!

Owen turned four last week! Right smack dab in the middle of the birthday festivities the stomach bug hit our house... but the show must go on, right!?
It was pretty funny actually. Saturday night I decorated the house, iced the cake and went to bed feeling pretty good about myself for being on top of my game. Owen's party was scheduled on Sunday night, but I knew I wouldn't have much time on Sunday to prepare, you know with church and naps and all. (I teach the 2 and 3 year olds at church, so Sunday naps are a must!)
Sunday morning Owen woke up sick, so all plans were scratched, but the table stayed decorated. He was so excited to see everything! Just the sight of all those boxes of Cracker Jacks brought a little hope of feeling better.

Fortunately it was a 24 hour bug, so Monday night we went to a little circus that was in town then decided to have our party. Tuesday morning I woke up with the ickies myself...

So that durn table stayed decorated from Saturday night until Wednesday!
I may be sick of looking at these decorations that outstayed their welcome at my house, but I really had a good time putting some thought into this special day for Owen. We had a big top made out of streamers on the ceiling.
One of my favorite things was the mantle decorated with beautiful library books.

(How cheap are those decorations!?)

Walmart surprised me with the perfect paper napkin for the event and there was pom-pom fringe too (be still my heart!)
Throw in a couple of elephants.
Kyle and I put on a small show in the living room...

It's a shame really that Owen wasn't able to have a better time!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. We're so proud of you!

(I used both the invitations and the cake topper printables from One Charming Party... they are free! You can see my whole inspiration board for this party here.)


Unknown said...

you are such a good mama. you never told me you got it too! yucky!! but the party looks so fun!! and what luck that the circus was in town :)

Jenn & David said...

what an awesome theme and I am so glad you all still got to celebrate and hope everyone is doing better!

Simone McSweeney said...

Thanks for the share on your story. I have a Circus/carnival themed party happening for my daughter's 6th birthday in about 5 weeks. We are doing it in our yard and I am hoping the Universe blesses us with a sunny day. It's been raining all Summer here... usual for Sydney!