Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ribbon and Legos and Dynamite... oh my!

My life has been chock full of two things lately: craft supplies and LEGO's.  Strange combo I know, I'll explain.  My first craft show is this weekend.  I've burnt my thumbs more times than I care to admit making ribbon boards, crayons, and laminating things.  I guess there's no workman's comp when you work for yourself, huh!
I've had the best time preparing for the show.  Right now my booth is all set up in the garage to give me an idea of what it will look like.
 "My First Craft Show: Mini Series" will start next week with loads of pictures and ideas, get excited!

So what's with all the LEGOs?  Owen turned five last week right before Thanksgiving.  This year we decided to celebrate his birthday during our Thanksgiving celebration rather than having a blow out birthday party... very, very good move.  I've realized that it's just not necessary to do a big themed dessert night like I usually do in order to make it a special day for the kiddos... many times, more is less.  
 I made a few cupcakes for Owen's preschool class with white chocolate LEGOs on top... a big hit!  (The chocolate mold is from Flavor Tools.)
 Then I called in some helpers to get a cake made.
These guys were great!  They did what they were told and didn't talk back.  They even brought their own tools, albeit very untraditional baking tools, but they got the job done.
At first I thought that dynamite was a bit unnecessary, but I was convinced when I saw the finished product.
A LEGO cake!  
This was so super easy to make out of a loaf pan and two cupcakes... oh, and that dynamite, my new tool of choice!

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Christina said...'re so clever! Love the lego cakes...complete with dynamite. And I'm looking forward to your mini-series about the craft fair! Hope you're feeling well and energetic in spite of the pregnancy.