Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the winner is...

I was totally inspired by the tons of creative ideas that were posted for the Scraptastic Giveaway!  What was so great about this giveaway is the fact that I was introduced to SO many awesome blogs, both yours and the creative people you linked me to.  My bloglines is (are?) getting out of control!  Thank you for leaving your ideas so that we all can benefit from them!  I have to choose just one winner though, so without delaying you any longer:  

The Hughes Pillow with Appliqued Letters! 
Idea submitted by: Nat
Original idea by: April of April Moffatt Design

I thought so much about the ideas y'all submitted and you know how there are some ideas that really stick with you?  This was one of them.  I have a special pillow in the dream stage for Nat's new little one, Will, and one for me too of course!

I've compiled some of your ideas along with some others I've found here.  This list is still growing though, so always feel free to let me know what you're working on!

On another note, I'm SUPER excited to let you know that I'll be making some changes to the blog very soon!!  I'm going to be doing some real soul searching about the direction it is going and a new design over the next few days.  I'm almost giddy to share with y'all about the things I'm learning right now, so come visit again soon!

ALSO... (this post is turning into quite the catch-all) a quick update from the Holidays Fit for the King event that went on this morning:  It was wonderful!  About 270 ladies all piled into our church, Providence Baptist and we had the opportunity to eat breakfast together, hear from our dear friend Chris about ways to practically pursue God's presence this Holiday season. Then we each attended our choice of two workshops led by a few of the talented women from our church.  I tasted some yummy desserts at the Holiday Dessert workshop then dropped in on Decorating Principles and got totally overloaded with awesome ideas!  (I'll post pictures soon).  I'm so thankful for a church that encourages us as women to use the gifts that God has given us to bless others and draw them to the Only One who really matters during these upcoming holidays and throughout the year.  
If you are craving some beautiful Christmas photographs, devotionals, Scripture readings, crafts, recipes, gift suggestions, shopping tips, organizational strategies, party themes, decorating ideas and more... click here for the blog that has started from Holidays Fit for the King!  There will be a new post every day through Christmas!  Yippee!


Christina said...

Oh I have to say that was my favorite idea too...I'm already collecting my own scraps to try my hand at making one for Adeline. Ok maybe I'll make one for my Will first, it's shorter. :) Yay Natalie!

Natalie said...

Yay! Even though you told me in person this morning, I've been faithfully checking the blog just to see my name in writing as the winner! I never win anything!! I was so bummed I had to miss the classes I signed up for for HFFK (because of Will's little mess) but I'm excited about the blog! Can't wait to check it out!

{amy k.} said...

Just found your blog from "just a girl" love your ideas- thanks, I'll be back!

Anne said...

if you ever end up doing the head band you will have to add 1/4 in measurements--- I did the baby size thats how I know!