Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Tablescapes

Here is another table from the Holidays Fit for the King event that uses nontraditional colors.  I think almost all of this stuff can be found at Target.  Who would ever think that an orange checkered tablecloth could be made to look festive and Christmasy?
But the best idea of all were the glass ornaments filled with orange jelly beans to continue the theme!  Wouldn't this be a fun party favor for the wee ones in our lives?  (Maybe for the bigger wee ones too!)
I wanted to include these next two pictures for their beautiful use of brown for both Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Take note of the centerpiece here.  There is a glass cake stand with a glass bowl on top (double duty serving likey!)  
This picture does the centerpiece no justice.  The arrangement is in a large glass vase and anchored by acorns (I know, I know, I should have told you about this idea about a month ago when acorns were free and completely covering your yard.  Now your options are to either unearth the squirrel's stash or look for some at Michaels... I don't know if they carry them there, but I'm sure you'd have fun looking, right!?)

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