Friday, January 1, 2010

Eli's Tummy Mat

Hey, my name is Eli. I'm Aunt Sarah's brand spankin' new nephew! Since I'm such a good little boy Aunt Sarah made me something extra special for my first Christmas.
She said I needed to get my neck muscles in shape so she made me a tummy mat.
I'm not too good at grabbing my toys yet, but Aunt Sarah said that's OK. She sewed these little loops in to my blanket so that I won't accidently push my toys out of my reach.
I've got a pretty busy schedule right now, but after this nap I plan to squeeze in a little workout on the tummy mat.
Thanks Aunt Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah! A beautiful nephew indeed! and I love his tummy mat. Happy New Year! xx

Lora said...

so cute! great idea to sew the little loops on the edges too. :)
that baby is so adorable! congratulations!

Tucker Family said...

I love my tummy mat Aunt Sarah. Thank you for making it for me.
I love you!