Monday, April 6, 2009

Handmade Praise Etsy Shop

My friend Susan has just started her very own Etsy shop called "Handmade Praise."  She is a talented mom and former art teacher with creativity oozing out all over!
Susan has created the most genius way to make scripture memorization a little easier... keychain verses!  As with any wonderful idea there is usually a great story behind it and Susan's story about the idea for keychain verses is no exception:

"Recently, my YMCA card fell off my keychain and i quickly realized its duty was not only to access me into the Y, but to help me find my keys! a middle of the night brainstorm led to keychain verses. There are 12 original watercolor designs with a different verse on each card. Learn scripture while you sit in carpool, wait at the doctor, or just need to be refreshed at the end of a hectic day!"  
I have one on my keychain and I'm impressed with how well it has held up.  It's a great gift for Mother's Day or a hostess gift.  Check out these adorable thank you cards too... it makes me want to pull out my paintbrush... oh, who am I kidding!?  I should probably just pull out my wallet! Check out Susan's blog here.

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