Friday, August 14, 2009

On to the fun part...

All of the wood paneling is up in our Creative Room, so pretty soon we will be starting the fun part, my favorite part: the painting!! Oh I can't wait! But first, all that needs to be done is:
  1. Spray the walls one more time with clorox to kill any chance of mildew
  2. Hang the drywall (we're hiring a crew for this to save our friendships!)
  3. Putty the joints and nail holes in the walls
OK, we've still got a little way to go before we can start painting, but I feel like it's right around the corner, so of course we've already picked out a paint color! My husband has a surprising knack for design. He picks out all of my shoes for me and has awesome taste when it comes to paint colors and fabrics... but I digress. Anyway, he and I have been brainstorming and Craigslisting trying to dream up the right configuration for the room and last night we nailed it down! I'm pumped! (You can see the quick sketch of my dream workspace below.)
Our paint color is called Echo from Olympic Paints. For the curtains, I'm thinking of doing a simple box pleat with the geometric fabric on top and the yellow fabric peeking through the pleat. The seat cushion for the window box will probably be the same geometric designed fabric with accent pillows and sewing machine covers in all of the other fabrics. We're hoping to get a chaise lounge up there for reading and I found an awesome farmhouse style 3x5 foot table to use as my workspace. We're going for a really light, airy, but fun feel. Not too stuffy. I want all of the artwork to be handmade, thus the mirror from yesterday's post. Let me know what suggestions you have. I'm excited to hear what you all think!


Angie Crosser said...

I am a new follower of your blog. I too am working on designing my craft room. How is it that you used craigslist to help you with the design? I love the colors you have chosen and the table you describe sounds great! I am looking for one similar but havent found the perfect one yet.

Sarah said...

Hey Angie,
Welcome to Create Studio! How fun that we will be creating at the same time. I'll have to check your blog to see your progress. We're using craigslist to find used kitchen cabinets that we plan to install in our creative room. (Cheaper than a built-in!)

House Painting Tutorials said...

The choice of colors is absolutely stunning!

Lucky you - to have a husband with a great taste!

I am into interior decorating myself, I have a website that teaches how to pick the best colors and gives painting ideas. Check it out when you have time:


Natalie said...

Sarah, that wood paneling looks SO cool. Maybe I'm just in farmhouse mode, but I think an old door would be cool up there either as a work table with glass on top or display of some sort. I've also seen a display of vintage hooks all mismatched to make a hanging area of sorts for aprons maybe? I bet you could find some sweet hooks at the flea market or aladder to display your fabrics...Okay and last, your're going to think I'm a total nerd. There was the Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie when we were younger (I know, I know) and he and his mom used to collect stuff from the beach and weave it into this rope net sort of display on the wall in their house. I always have thought that would be so fun to collect my treasures and display it like that. If you were going with the driftwood kind of feel, you could weave some more in, sea glass, anything that the ocean throws at you at the beach every year!

Nat said...

can't wait to see how your space turns out. thanks for sharing.

Q&K said...

Like the color scheme with the added blue... wondering though what happened to your black and green (i think?) ideas from a while back in your idea book? I wanted to use black and green theme similar to that for our bedroom but hubby thought it was too girl chickish ;-) I like the light and airy colors you've picked for the create room- will be fabulous!

Question for you- know any places online I get find great fabric? I am trying to re-upholster some chairs I bought at consignment for my kitchen and I'm looking for a mixture of light/lime green, light blue and orange. I can't find anything with those colors anywhere though. Thanks! ;-)

Oh and funny- my hubby picks out my shoes too- I'm sooo not a shoe person and he is! -kristin kocher

Sarah J. said...

Wow, what a project! And by the way, I love all your creative ideas! So glad I found you!

Unknown said...

Its really have great taste...I too am working on designing my craft room.thanks for the idea....
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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love your fabric choices - I love seeing this come together!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors you have chosen and the table you describe sounds great!!!you have great taste...I am looking for one similar but havent found the perfect one yet...thanks for sharing..
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