Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trade Secrets Swap

Tip Junkie is hosting a swap that they are calling the "Trade Secrets Swap." The idea is that you create three things using your own creative "trade secrets" that you are proud of, then you send those things to your swap partner (who is assigned to you) and they send you three things in return. We will be trading our favorite tips or secrets that are unique to us... something that Tip Junkie does all the time and now we have a shot at it!
The deadline to sign up is October 1 and you'll get your swap partner on October 5th, then you just need to send your package before November 1.

I'm so excited about this! There is no better way to learn a new technique than to hold the product. I just signed up and hope you will too! If you want more information, click on the button above or go here.

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