Saturday, May 29, 2010

The New Gift Wrapping Station

A while back I posted about my gift wrapping station in an extra closet. Well the extra closet isn't extra anymore now that my little Owen has moved into his "big boy bedroom," so the gift wrapping station had to move up to our Creative Room. Don't we all love before and after pics!? Enjoy!

Here's the space before the transformation:
It was just an unfinished space in the attic where some extra carpet scraps lived.
So I cut some of the scraps to cover the floor and to hide that insulation in the back.
I used four storage bins and labeled them for my ribbon, tissue paper, small gifts and the basic gift wrapping supplies (scissors, tape, gift tags, Sharpie) that way I'm not running all over the house when it's time to wrap a gift. Everything has it's place.
My family laughs at me because I'm a used tissue paper hoarder during Christmas and birthdays, but it sure does save money not to have to buy all of that stuff. Who wants to spend gift money on the wrapping... not me if I can help it!
Here's my ribbon stash.
On the other side of the closet I've got all of my wrapping paper in a trash can along with a crate full of small gift boxes.
(Silly toddler not included!)
So there you have it, my new gift wrapping station. Makes me giddy about wrapping!
On another note, here's something else I'm giddy about. The project I'm working on involves this fabric, magnets and a dowel rod.... curious? Check back soon!


mommy Orkid Belle said...

That is so exciting! It is so nice when you have your own place to do all your crafts. :)

Laura said...

What a great use of space! I'm excited to see what you're working on next.

Laura @ along for the ride