Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Show

My friend Honey Beth (yes, that's her real name... she lives up to it!) organized a night where a few of the ladies from our church who are entrepreneurs had a chance to share what they are doing with the other ladies from our church.
The idea was to support each other and share our gifts.
We had a mobile spa owner, a house cleaner and professional organizer, a wellness and life coach, a gym owner, a professional trainer and little ol' me.
Each of us had a chance to speak for two minutes, there were giveaways, coffee, sweets and mingling.
Oh and yarn, I brought lots and lots of it.
In the form of baby hats and infinity scarves.
I also brought a couple of other things I hope to get into the shop soon.

Business card holders.
Covered Moleskine journals.
All perched atop gorgeous vintage linens because they make me happy.
It was a really fun night and I learned a lot. Specifically that I want to do more shows, just not in heels!


Simply Smith said...

Congratulations, Sarah, on your first show! I remember reading on Pinterest that you want to start doing shows! That was my goal last year, and I've already done 3!!! It's so much fun once you get started, and meat such wonderful people along the way! I'm so excited for you! Your hats and scarves are beautiful!


Unknown said...

so awesome, friend! i love seeing all your things we made together :)

KillerB said...

Congratulations Sarah -- your booth looks wonderful. I'm covetting one of your baby hats :)

Wonderful job, and what an accomplishment!

sohirach said...

congrats! and this is so cute!

love, rach.

Meredith said...

What a wonderful idea! Yea for Honey Beth and yea for you!

Unknown said...

So cute! Great booth! I love the pompom hats. They look a little vintage :)