Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Opposites Attract

This is one of my oldest friends, Kidd. We've known each other since 7th grade and I think I've always called her by her last name. She's one of those. I guess that will change now that she's getting hitched!

We've been through a ton together... from braces, zits and bad bangs in 7th grade, our first dance in 8th grade, Girl State in High School, then on to our beloved University of North Carolina ("Carolina") for College where we were roommates our senior year. Oh my goodness we love that school, but for whatever reason we've both chosen boys from our rival school, North Carolina State University ("State").
Our friend Meredith threw Kidd and Zack (Zack Oakley... how's that for a cool name?!) a "his and hers" shower. Everything was all Carolina blue and State red and chock full of good ideas. I was the weirdo who was taking pictures of the food at the party just for you guys, so you'd better thank me for this one. I'm kicking myself that I didn't take more pictures of Meredith's house though, it is by far one of the best decorated homes I've ever been in. I want to live in her laundry room! (I think a photo house tour is in order, don't you!?)

Anyways, on to the shower. So the big joke with Carolina and State is that State is filled with farmers and good ol' boys. Carolina is a bunch of frat boys and upper crust. Meredith ran with the stereotypes for the food tables...

The State room had Ball jars layered with baked beans, BBQ, and slaw (these were a huge hit!)
Baked Macaroni and Cheese Bites
The Carolina Room was all about the spinach dip, shrimp and fancy chicken salad in phyllo cups. Very upper crust!
In case you got lost and couldn't find the photo booth among all of the other cuteness Meredith mapped it all out for us. She scored this old door at the reStore for $5 and painted it with chalkboard paint. I think she already has a waiting list of people who are going to borrow it for upcoming parties!
There's Kyle putting some mischief in the "date night" jar... we decided it wouldn't be very PG to read those out loud.
The adorable drink station.And on our way out the door we were to grab a little mini canning jar filled with gorgeous Carolina blue and hideous State red M&M's. Seriously, no detail was overlooked. Great job Meredith! I hope my blog post for all the world to see isn't too embarrassing. You're so creative!!


Laura said...

Congratulations to your friends. I love the concept of this shower (and had I been there, I'd be wearing red and gobbling up the food from the State room). Our family is pretty attached to the Wolfpack. Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

Great shower! Thanks for sharing. And LOVE that door!

Btw, your new stuff is so cute in your shop!

Emily said...

So absolutely adorable! Being a Meredith College girl, I've always been partial to NC State. Go Pack! ;-)

The Fryes said...

Meredith NEVER leaves out a detail! Thanks for posting this! I hadn't had a chance to catch up with her to hear about it! And I totally agree, she needs a house tour. We always leave there house with a huge wish list for ours!
Meredith- start your own blog! You'd have a million readers!!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

so fun!

Jenn & David said...

What an exciting time for your friend, "Kidd". And I absolutely love that theme. How fun and creative.