Friday, February 1, 2013

3 Easy DIY Baby Gifts

1. Easy Embroidery
Embroidery projects are so easy and rewarding. (A great couch project for when you're on bed rest, just sayin'.)  You don't need to know any fancy stitches to make a beautiful piece that you'll admire in your nursery for years to come.  I used this pattern from Amy Bindel.  It is no longer on her blog, so you'll need to print it from the pin if you're interested in using it.  Really you can use any drawing, just trace it lightly with a pencil on to your fabric and stitch over your markings.  
I have a lot of great resources on my Sewing Pinterest page for free embroidery designs and basic stitches.  Have fun with it, throw the embroidery rules to the wind and just stick that needle in the fabric and get started, I promise you'll thank me.

2. Baby Booties
Are you totally sick of my gray felt and pink bows yet?  I can't walk up the stairs a bunch, so I've got to squeeze every bit of creativity out of the supplies I have within reach.  I promise, there's only one more project I want to show you with my 68 cent sheets of felt, but I'll wait until Laney is born to reveal that one! :)  On to the current project... baby booties!
I used Tao of Craft's Modern Baby Bootie Tutorial to make these, but I did it with felt.  If I made these again I would definitely double up the felt to make it more sturdy or use leather like my Little Man Shoes from forever ago, remember those?!

3. Paci Clip
These are just the easiest to make, and don't you love this ruffly ribbon?!  Tutorial here.


Unknown said...

girl...amazing! i just knew you would not let these weeks of bed rest go to waste with no crafting!! i love these projects...all of them. wish i could squeeze you and your baby belly :) xo

Christina said...

You amaze me! I want to try ALL of these project... except the paci clip. Ella sucks her thumb!

Christina said...

Delightful! I just knew you'd make fabulous stuff for baby girls! :)

Mary said...

these are all so adorable!
love each and every one so much. :)

Little for a Little While said...

for real, can I order one of those bike hoops from you? It would be darling in my daughter's room. I don't know how far along you are, but i'm 36 weeks pregnant and dont think I have time to learn a new hobby real quick ;) If you'd consider it, shoot me an email at Thanks so much! (Friend of Alicia's, by the way ;) ) Take care!

Christina said...

Hi Sarah!
I will be thinking of you tomorrow :)
You are in my prayers.

Teresa said...

those booties are AWESOME

cwmalls said...

What a lot of lovely things to look at Both your leather hobo bags are stunning in their own individual ways. What a lot of work went into both of them, your skills just keep getting better and better with everything you make.

Unknown said...

those booties are soooo AWESOME

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