Monday, September 22, 2008

Stylish tummy time!

I made this tummy time blanket for my sweet friend Julie.  It was a fun weekend project and my first quilt ever!  I sewed the squares of felt together with the seams out then trimmed the fringes before washing.  I lined the quilt with batting to give it a little cushion.
After washing and drying the blanket the fringes got really fluffy and soft.
I finished off the blanket with a little ric-rac bow and this mat is ready for some play time.


Robbie and Melissa said...

what a great idea! How did you make that? I'd like to try one for our baby!

Chris and Melody Harrell said...

okay, Sarah, I loved this idea "sew" much (lol) that I plan to make 2 for some upcoming shower gifts. I think I have the basic jist of it, but could you maybe review the steps with me? I think I've bought all the necessary items . . .

Oh, BTW - on the burp cloths I make I use appliques (until I get a monogram machine). But they last and look great!

As always, thanks a bunch! I'm so glad you've reignited the crafty side of me! :)

Delighted Mom said...

I found your blog through the I can make this party. I LOVE this quilt and would love to make one myself but I am really not very crafty although I would like to be. Can you give me step by step instructions for how to do this? :)


Delighted Mom said...

Thank you so much for answering my questions. ONe more: How much material did you use and how big did you cut the squares? Did you use felt for the backing also? Thanks so much! :)