Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm so honored to have been featured on these awesome blogs! If you have been featured on Create Studio and you're interested in a button of your very own, check it out at the bottom of this post.

Love Stitched (featured as blog of the week)
The Idea Room (featured my beanbag numbers)
Someday Crafts (featured my maternity pants)
Today's Creative Blog (featured as the blog of the day)Mamma Tortilla (featured an interview with me)
Chica And Jo (featured my hanging crib bag tutorial)Tip Junkie (featured my chocolate sauce with gingerbread spoons) One Pretty Thing (featured my glass etching tutorial)U Create (featured as a Guest Blogger)Mod Podge Rocks (featured my odds and ends rack)Dollar Store Crafts (featured my paci clip tutorial)Craft Gossip (featured my potato stamping tutorial)
Homespun Threads (featured my petal pocket tutorial)So You Think You're Crafty (Session 2 Official Crafter)
Tutus and Turtles (featured my paci clip tutorial)
Folding Trees (featured my petal pocket tutorial)
The Creative Place (featured my beanbag numbers tutorial)
Were you featured on Create Studio? Here's your button, you've earned it! Directions here.

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