Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Command Center!

We have a sad little corner of our sunroom that we have been trying to fill for two years now.  We've dreamt of a chair with a side table, but have not been able to find just the right thing to fill the spot (and that we were willing to drop the cash on right now!)  

Enter my secretary desk that was not being used to it's full potential in our guest bedroom!  It's the perfect fit and it allows me to have all kinds of storage for my stationery, books and calendar.  I call it my command center!  The best part about this switch-a-roo is that it didn't cost me a thing to move this desk from upstairs to down and now it has a whole new life!  The other best part (I think the command center deserves two best parts since I'm so in love with it!) is that my computer, which used to live on our kitchen table, is no longer distracting us from family time.  Now that it is tucked away we are able to sit down to a meal at the end of the day and enjoy family time without the clutter and the email!  

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lee and hannah said...

oh, i just LOVE rearranging furniture--it gives the room, and the furniture new life (just like you mentioned!!)...its like moving or remodeling with little or no hassle! :) thanks for sharing!