Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Shower Ideas

One of my dearest friends, Lisa, is having her first baby (a girl!) in November and I went to her shower this morning. The ladies who threw the shower are some of the most creative hostesses I know, so I've got lots of great ideas to share with you!
While unwrapping her gifts, Lisa sat next to her baby picture and her husband's baby picture. There's a little sign below them saying "1 + 1 = 3!" So cute! Pictures of Lisa growing up were all over the house and it made for great conversation starters.
Our friend Meredith made this diaper wreath... I know, whoa! Using a wreath form from Michael's she wrapped it with diapers and tied each with a rubber band first then she hid the rubber bands by attaching toys, baby spoons, teethers, socks, a paci, travel-sized toiletries and hair bows with ribbon. The thought is that Lisa can hang the wreath on her door when the baby is born, then enjoy all of the goodies later!
Lisa's mom made these bootie cups for everyone. They are made using a paper ketchup cup and a cotton ball then wrapped with a tissue and tied with a pink bow. She has also put M&M's in these before... they always draw a crowd!
Another one of my favorite ideas was from our friend Christina. When her son Will was just a little guy she made footprint stationery and she now uses it for all of her baby gifts! She and her mother in law borrowed Will's foot while he was asleep then she wrote his name and date at the bottom. Love it!


Crystal said...

Very creative. I LOVE the wreath! I am going to have to remember this for the next shower.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love that wreath...looks like a lot of love went into this shower~
sandy toe

Suzie Button said...

I love all the creativeness at the shower you attended! The wreath is just fabulous! Suzie

Unknown said...

How sweet are those little shoes! Quite nifty I must say!

Nadia said...

These wreath ideas have given me a new inspiration. I think it can be modify to the bridal shower as well. Thanks for sharing.
Bridal Shower Thank You Phrases

Jacki said...

I have a question.
Did she use cloth diapers or regular diapers for the wreath???

Sarah said...

regular diapers, I've found that size 2 works well.