Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Peasy Baby Shower Gift

Get ready... I'm about to shock you all...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the SYTYC competition!

I know I've only been posting about the competition lately, but for good reason. I have had a pretty bad case of the pregnant ickies the last month and the only thing I can find time to craft for is the competition. Well, I'm guessing I have about 2 more weeks of the ickies, then watch out... second trimester I'm like a crazy woman! I had more energy than I've ever had in my life during my second trimester with Owen, so hopefully you'll get a good fill of creative posts above and beyond the SYTYC competition coming soon.

Here's a small start. My friend and neighbor is having her third boy, so she had a diaper pounding shower (Are y'all familiar with those? It's like a regular shower, but with just the essentials... diapers and other consumables.) Anyway, I pulled together this easy gift complete with a huge supply of Huggies wipes (the BEST wipes, in my opinion) and a washcloth "flower."
Here's how you can make it too. You'll need:
  • Set of washcloths (I had 6 in my set)
  • Sleeve of wipes (This sleeve came from a larger box from a wholesale club)
  • Wipes box
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon (I used a wide, double-sided satin ribbon)
Pull out one washcloth and fold it in a triangle shape.
Then fold it over again.
And fold it over one more time. Repeat this process with all but one of the washcloths you have.
Put all of the folded washcloths together with the pointed end of the triangle pointing downward to make your "flower." Secure them with the rubber band.
Drape the one washcloth you saved over the front of the wipes case. Put the wipes in and shove the pointed end of your flower down into the wipes case too. Fluff the washcloth "flower" until it looks like you want it to. Finally, wrap the ribbon around the whole thing and you're done.
Easy Peasy Baby Shower Gift!
Here's a funny thing about me... I always try to wrap my shower gifts with as little packaging as possible. I think gifts make more of a statement when they are showcased, rather than hidden away by packaging. Think how much cuter this gift is displayed this way than if I had bought a gift bag or put everything in a box. The whole thing cost me less than $8, but it looks like so much more than that displayed this way. It's all about the "Wow" factor!


Unknown said...

This is great! I always try to "wrap" gifts without paper because I try to be green. Like putting a bridal gift inside a handmade tote bag for the grocery store, things like that. This is a great way to do the same. Here's to healthy "green" babies :)

Amanda said...

Love it! I think I'll try to steal this one for my friend!

Andrea said...

love the idea!! My church had a diapers/wipes shower for hubby and I for our 2nd baby - what a blessing!

Lesley said...

That is fabulous! So fun and different!

KillerB said...

I love this. All my friends are deserving of "Wow factor," but a gift like this is also realistic for my wallet!

The Morgan Family said...

Love this and I actually think I can make this "craft" :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! I thought diaper cakes are nice, but this one definitely rocks more! WOW! Thanks for sharing! Now, I'm actually waiting for someone to have a babyshower just to make this for her!

Kasey said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the "how to!"

Julie said...

Found your cute idea on Pinterest :) I am the leader of my churches MOMS ministry and I just made this sweet little goodie for a baby shower for one of the new members at church. A great little gift that all mothers can use and it fits quite well into my budget. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Julie, I'm so glad you were able to use this idea to bless someone else, what a sweet friend you are!