Monday, February 15, 2010

SYTYC Week 2- Lovebirds' Bookhouse

You guys are crazy guessers!! There was almost nothing about this craft that pointed to me (except maybe the paint color of the walls... I mean, sheesh!) and you all still guessed it right! Amazing! Thanks so much for guessing!

I was inspired to make this craft after browsing one of the recent Pottery Barn Kids magazines. They had a picture of some books hanging from the ceiling in a playroom and I thought they kinda looked like bird houses. It got my wheels turning and I remembered a mobile that Jill made for her little Oscar a while back. I put the two together and came up with the book houses. In our creative room we have a slanted ceiling over the stairwell near our reading chair, so I hung them there and they make me happy every time I see them! I'll post a tutorial on Wednesday so you can make one too!

Librarians, turn your heads! For my "Under $5" project I deconstructed a book to make a whimsical lovebird bookhouse... err, birdhouse.
But since lovebirds are happier in pairs, I splurged to make a companion birdhouse and hung them both above my favorite reading chair. These little lovebirds make the space so whimsical and inviting! Can't you see these hanging in a child's bedroom, playroom or in a sunroom? Make a set without the ribbon and these would be adorable bookends! I also love how the book pages came together in little hearts, very fitting for our lovebird pair!
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Adam and Natalie said...

Great job Sarah! I think I'll have to copy this idea for the kids playroom. So cute.

CourtneyKeb said...

So sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I love craft projects using books- I'm definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That is just the cutest thing!@