Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 3: For the Kitchen

Ugh, I had all kinds of trouble with this week's SYTYC submission!! The theme is "For The Kitchen." I started a project weeks ago that went on the back burner too long because I haven't been feeling all that great.

Enter project #2...I decided that I would try a brand new technique that I had never attempted before, but which required me to look like this...
Oh to say that it was a disaster is putting it nicely!

Enter project #3... After giving myself a stern pep talk and praying for the creativity I was desperately lacking, I came up with something I'm proud of and sent it off to Missy just in the nick of time! Let's hope that future projects (if I'm fortunate enough to stick around another week) go a little more smoothly!

The SYTYC submissions are up and you can view them here. Vote, then stop back by to let me know which one you think is mine. I always love to hear what you have to say and after one horribly rough crafting week I would selfishly welcome the encouragement!


Christina said...

is it the menu board?????? :) I can't remember what the tiles in your kitchen look like...but I think those could be yours. :) Sorry to hear about your bad crafting week!! Hang in there until CREATE in a few weeks....we'll get the creative juices flowing again. I can't wait - I've had a dry spell lately.

anne said...

I think it's pretty obvious that yours is the menu's the only one that might require wearing a mask while creating.

Although, I could be wrong.

Sarah said...

The extremely fashionable mask was actually for my SECOND failed attempt at a project this week. My THIRD project was the one I submitted, so the mask has nothing to do with my submission, that's why I felt OK posting the lovely pic... it doesn't give anything away! :)

Amy Williams said...

I think it is the reusable sandwich bags - first entry??? I vaguely remember you making your mod podge shoes from that fabric. Either way, the reusable sandwich bags were going to be one of my ideas to bring the Create ideas meeting. My friend made me one similar to the one of the SYTYC and I love it.

Leslie Larson said...

#7??? the recipe organizer? it looked like your writing :)

Adam and Natalie said...

Ooo, I hope it's a refrigerator cozy! Ha ha. :) I'm heading over there now to check it all out! I'll let you know which one I think yours is which is of course the one I'll be voting for! I'm rootin' for ya!

Adam and Natalie said...

Ahhh! HARD! I'm pretty sure I loved all of those ideas, but it was hard to spot yours! I am with Amy. After careful review I think I decided on Kitchen on the Go although I almost picked the menu board. Then she said one of her "kids" would grab the menu and I knew Owen was only one "kid" so that couldn't be. Anyway, I am so proud of you friend! I was bragging about you to my sister the other day. :) Keep up the good work!

Tucker Family said...

it's totally #1...reasons why I know???
1.- I'm a Tucker, and all great Tucker's eat that Oatmeal bread. It's 2nd to none!!
2.- Kyle only drinks diet coke...with lime (again, another Tucker thing)
3.- Owen frequently shares those pretzel/bread sticks with his best friend and my son, Noah
4.- I have the craftest sister ever, SO THIS ONE HAS TO BE YOURS!! :)

Love you Sarah!!