Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Create Craft Club's 2010-2011 Schedule

Our craft club met last week to vote on the crafts that we would like to take on this year... our third year together!! We started with a list of 28 hopeful crafts, then narrowed it down to the chosen few. Here's the schedule with pictures of the crafts. A big thank you to each of you who made suggestions.

March- Freezer Paper Stenciling (Picture from Something Wonderful)
April- Ribbon Necklaces (Picture from Twillypop)
June and July- We will be off for the summer.
August- Organic Printing (Potato and Apple prints)
September- Stamped and Painted Tile Coasters (Picture from Me and My Bucket)
October- Countdown to Christmas Blocks (Picture from How Does She?)
November- Bows (made out of magazines, old maps, wrapping paper, etc.) (Picture from How About Orange)
December- We will be off for Christmas.
February- Planning Meeting


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I've really enjoyed reading your blog- you have such creative ideas! I decided to give you an award:

Have a great day!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

What is your Create Craft Club? I'd love to hear more about this. It sounds like a fabulous idea.

KillerB said...

Looks like your group has a great year ahead! (I really love those napkins and the magazine bows)

Sarah said...

Here's a link to more info about our craft club if you'd like to start your own in your area:
We always have a blast together (even when the stuff doesn't turn out the way we had planned!)

Simple. Inspired. Homemade said...

I found your blog via SYTYC and I love it, what is this Create Craft club..and how can I join?

Sarah said...

The craft club is a group of girls in my area who get together once a month to eat sweets and craft. We have a total blast together. Each February we plan out our year and that's what this post is about. Check out the link in my above comment for more info.

sue said...

How did you guys make the ribbon necklaces?

Amy M. said...

Sarah--I'm trying to start my own local craft club and I'm looking forward to seeing what projects you guys pick for 2011-2012!!!!

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