Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hooray for Easter!!

Besides Christmas, I think Easter is my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is a close third though!) What a great time to celebrate that our Jesus didn't stay in that grave! He rose from the dead and for that I'm so thankful!!

Here are a couple of crafts I did last Easter:
Easter Basket (with a full tutorial)
(I know you will want to make one after you see this tail!)
We hung plastic eggs from our chandelier, put out carrots for the Easter bunny, and made Peep Smores.
I also made "Resurrection Eggs" which can be used as a great way to share the Gospel ("Good News") with kids. Each egg holds something to help you tell the Easter story. There's a full tutorial here.
This year I really want to tackle a real blown egg Easter Egg Tree. Have any of you ever blown eggs before? I'd love any tips you have!


Jenn said...

Thanks for reminding me about the resurrection eggs! Every year I remember then the day before Easter, and I really want to make a set for us.

I have blown eggs using a pin and my mouth, but I think the ear syringe would work well. I'm interested to check out the egg blowing kit Martha mentioned. I would just practice on a few eggs to get the hang of it, but it's really easy. I would not have thought to decorate the eggs first, so that was a handy tip.

Rockie said...

Here's my advice:

1. The holes have to be bigger than you think.

2. Blowing them with my mouth was really really hard so I used one of Isaac's nasal syringes. (Don't worry, he had two, I didn't use it on his nose and eggs :).

3. Blow gently and slowly or the eggs will crack, or even bust!

Have fun!!

Meredith said...

I would definitely use the syringe. Or maybe when I did it with my mouth, the hole wasn't big enough. I got very light-headed and gave up!

Anne said...

Shake the egg after you poke the hole but before you blow to break up the yolk.

Fiona said...

I normally blow - small hole at the top and larger one at the bottom - works pretty easily.

I then dye them with food colouring and they can be decorated on top of that with tiny little gold stars or other bits.

Really fun to make and look so pretty!

Adam and Natalie said...

I've done it! It's not that bad but it does make your ears feel kind of foggy like you've been blowing up balloons.

Andy -n- Molly said...

do a search for silk tie eggs. i found a tutorial and it was so unique sorry i dont remember where

Sarah said...

Awesome suggestions! I feel so much more prepared now! Thanks for taking the time to share girls. Be on the lookout for my Easter Egg tree... coming soon!

Anonymous said...

I use a large nail and twist a little to get the hole started then just poke it through. It helps to break the yolk before you blow. The nail hole is also perfect for stringing ribbon through with a tapestry needle.