Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Spiller, A Filler, and A Thriller

I just love Charleston! The food, the people, the shops... With every trip we take here I peel back another layer of beauty I may have missed during the previous visit, and this time I was inspired by the window boxes. I've heard it said that the mark of a well planted window box is that it contains, "A spiller, a filler, and a thriller!"
The "spillers" are the trailing flowers, flowing out and sometimes even hiding the window boxes themselves. They give the box greater dimension and "depth," but on their own these plants may look droopy.
The "fillers" are the reliable base of the arrangement. These plants usually deliver the most steadfast and true source of color in the arrangement, but they rely heavily on the spillers for depth and the thrillers for drama. On their own, fillers may look too wispy and thin.
The drama lies in the "thrillers!" They are up front plants just screaming "look at me please!" They offer the most height and the biggest "wow" factor, but alone they may look a little wild.
So if you had to choose one, which are you? A grounded "spiller" with much depth, but maybe less flair? A reliable "filler" with predictable color, but possibly playing it safe and not as willing to venture into true depth or let yourself be a little unpolished? Or are you a drama queen "thriller" who may be improved with some stability and wisdom?

...Just something a few window boxes made me think about! Profound? I guess I'm trying to embrace a little more "spiller"!


EdgyK said...

Thanks! Now I totally want one of those.

Adam and Natalie said...

Beautiful! I love Charleston too. My fave is the second flower box (I think the house color might have something to do with it too ;)) so I guess that makes me a filler!

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

According to the pictures, I would be a thriller, but I think in actuality I would be a spiller:)

Kate said...

I suppose I might tend a bit more towards being a 'spiller'. I love the last picture, but what really stands out to me in all the pictures are those fabulous shutters! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

That's where we are right now!! We were walking downtown today and I was telling my daughter how much I love all of the window boxes. Funny!! I see I'm going to have to keep up with your blog! :-D

Unknown said...

whoa!! my husband and i have a picture of the same window with the light blue shutters!! we took several pictures of windows and framed them and that was one of the ones we chose! what a small world!

Sarah said...

That is too funny! I guess great minds think alike!!

Anonymous said...

Window boxes are a real old-fashioned idea, and one that desperately needs to be revived down my part of the world!!! Charleston looks amazing!