Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Favorites

I'm still alive! Sorry for the super long break in posting. That was a record for me, I don't think I've ever gone that long without chatting with you all. Want to know what we've been up to?

A really tough week basking in the sun on a teeny little island called Saba.
This was the view from our bedroom, can you tell how stressful this week was? We stayed at my Uncle's Carolina Cottage (I HIGHLY recommend it!)
Two trips to Charleston in 3 weeks! (I'm actually here now!) Here I am with the little man at Charles Towne Landing.
Anna's wedding.
On another note, I recently found out about Google Analytics (thanks Dana!) It's a free program that gives me insight into the traffic on this blog. There are all kinds of really neat tools to see how you, my blog readers, found this site, what your favorite links are, from what parts of the world you come... it's really neat!

I thought I'd do a run down of your top 5 favorite tutorials here on Create Studio. See if you notice the trend...interesting!

And your current favorite tutorial... #1: Easy Maternity Jeans Tutorial


Peyton Sparks said...

I love your blog!! I don't remember how I came about finding it, but have visited often since! I have had my cricut since December and my new favorite thing to do with it....Glass Etching! I'm addicted! Thanks for keeping me busy creating! :) My son has tons of goodies all inspired by your blog! Wishing you a very smooth and enjoyable pregnancy :)

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah I wrote you an email titled
"Greetings from Peru." I hope you can
answer ... No matter if you answer
negative ... I only hope your answer
God bless you more!
Raquel (Chimbote - Peru)

Rockie said...

Wow Sarah!

That island looks beautiful. talk about a baby-moon!!

and weird how girl in the comment right above mine has the same name as me and is from peru. weird.

Tucker Family said...

ummmmmmmmm- what's better to craft about that BABIES?!?!?!? :)