Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flickr Find

Just doing a little Flickr surfing before my Sunday afternoon nap and this find was way too cute to keep to myself! How adorable is this tree bookshelf?! I've never seen anything like it!

Decoração: Estante Árvore, originally uploaded by Jessica Santin (Jehhhhh).

Here's the translation of the caption (in Portuguese): Decoration: Tree Stand

"I confess that I'm in love with tree decoration. This wooden bookcase then forget it. Maybe your hubby or father has the talent to make a similar one? Very inspiring. I found the net."

If you didn't already know it, Create Studio has a Flickr group! Check out the 1,000 plus ideas for CREATive Handmade Gifts, join our group and share your recent creations! I'll be checking the group and periodically updating you all on the amazing ideas found over there. You might just see your idea posted here for the world to see! How fun!

For suggestions on how to take a great picture that will capture all of your hard work, keep these things in mind:

  • Take a picture outside or near a window with natural, diffused light
  • Don't use a flash
  • Find a unique location or a cool spot to display your creation

Please include your blog or email address in your photo description so we know where to find you.

Happy Sunday!


kvtravis said...

looove that!!

The Creative Place said... This is absolutely adorable! :)

lee and hannah said...

i saw that online, too... tried to get one made, etc... ended up going with this...

we went for a garden themed room since our little girl is named "eden"...