Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glass Etching and a Bridal Shower Sneak Peek

My mom, sister-in-law and I are throwing my adorable cousin a bridal shower on Saturday. The theme is going to be red and white polka dots. That's Katie in the picture frame below. (And how perfect is that frame for our theme!? Thank you Target!)
You know me and my glass etching, so I had to throw in a little bit of that!
The domed cake platter will be our shower gift to Katie and the glass bowl will be my wedding gift to her along with a couple of other surprises. I'm thinking it would be perfect for a summer salad, but don't worry, I don't plan to wrap it up with a salad in it... that might get a little gross.
Oh and a huge thanks to Jill who posted the best Picnik tutorial right when I needed it! This logo will show up on some cake balls, as the "wild card" space for our Bridal Bingo game and on the name tags if all goes as planned. I'll post pictures of the shower next week.

P.S. Today I turn 29! Only one more year until my 30's... how did that happen!


Melanie@Halls of Fame 5 said...

I love the etched glass! I want to try it on my trifle but I'm a little scared. I turned 29 yesterday! Happy Birthday!!!

Kate said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the shower! Happy Birthday! I entered my 30's in April, and it's not so bad. ;)

Amy M. said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for reminding me about your etching tutorial!

I would love an update on what your Create Craft Group has been working on!

Crafting by Candlelight

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Well, I have to say...I don't like your a really good way! I have two little ones and I don't have a lot of spare time but all your stuff makes me want to spend all of it trying out crafting! I love the red and white polka dot theme for a bridal cute and that is all there is to it.
-sahm from St. Louis-

leaf and letter handmade said...

happy birthday sarah! i'm loving the footed dish & lid... and you have me wanting to try cake balls now! :)