Monday, July 12, 2010

Polka Dot Bridal Shower

My cousin Katie's shower this weekend was a great success! The colors for her August wedding are red, white and black, so we opted to go with a red and white polka dot theme. The cake balls were a big hit! I followed this tutorial to make the "T" logo and I used my Cricut machine to cut out the flowers that I later tied to the lollipop sticks.
The logo showed up in a couple of other places too...
I'm not a huge fan of bridal shower games, but there's one I really like. Bridal Bingo. You start with an empty 5x5 grid with a "wild" space in the middle. Guests fill out the grid with any gift they think the guest of honor might open, then the bride opens her gifts. During the usually awkward silence you'll hear, "Can I count 'tissue paper' as a gift?" and "Is that a coffee mug? That counts as 'china' right?" It's a cute game and gets the competitive juices flowing! What are your favorite shower games? I'm desperate for some more good ones because I'm helping throw a baby shower in a few months. Help!
She loved the etched glass bowl and domed cake plate! Whew!
Our menu was: Chicken Salad, Cake Balls, Iced Sugar Cookies, Spinach Pinwheels, Homemade Cheese Straws (a la my mom!), Bruchetta and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Cups
My mom even found some red gerber daisys... adorable!
Here's the Bride-to-be with her hostesses.
From Left to Right: Mary Chandler (my sister-in-law), Katie (my cousin and Bride), Mom, Me (30 weeks very pregnant!)


Carolina said...

That Bridal Shower was beautiful! I'm going to be doing an Engagement Party at the end of the month for my Baby Bro and his soon-to-be wife.

I did a baby shower for a friend of mine not too long ago. You can see all the games I did (Including Baby Shower Bingo - Sound familiar??), and a link to an AWESOME baby shower games site on my blog:


Shell in your Pocket said...

so very cute..

I love the polka dots!

sandy toe

Lisa said...

I just hosted a bridal shower for my cousin and we had a timer "game." The timer was set for various times during the gift opening and when the timer went off whoever gave the bride the gift she was opening got a gift. It kinda helped break up the monotony of gift opening, but the bingo works well for that too.

People also sent me their wedding photos and the guests had to guess the year they were married.

We also had a game where the guests had to find people with similarities. For example, find someone born the same month as you, find someone with the same shoe size, etc and they could only use each person once.

Future Envy of the PTA said...

I just came across your blog and love it!! It's so nice to find people in my area with creative juices running! I was raised in Durham, live in Elon, but work in downtown Durham, so it always does my heart good to see the gems around this area in other people's blogs! Take care!

mom said...

This is a twist on the usual having the bride to be walk through the room carring a tray of various items and then leaves the room. The guests are then asked to name as many items the bride to be was wearing. Well, this time we had a girl come rushing into the room (it was someone that the other guest did not know)saying how sorry she was to be late. When we questioned if this was the right address she started digging in a very large purse, looking for the invitation, not being able to find it she dumps out the contents of the purse. Upon finding the "invitation" at last it is discovered that she is at the wrong house. She then puts everything back in her purse and leaves. The game is to name everything that was in her purse. Whoever names the most wins. It is really fun to hear the coments from the other guests to the "visitor". Good luck with your shower.

Tiffany said...

I luv the polka dots! A fun baby shower game is celebrity babies...u have to name the celebrity. You get to choose celebrities to fit your guest of honor. Google it, and good luck!

Heather said...

Two baby shower games I love: have a list of lines from well-known children's books and give the guests a few minutes to see how many they can get the titles to. also, prepare a tray with 10-15 baby things (pacis, bib, onesie, etc.) and walk around the guests quickly with the tray so they can see it. then have them write down as many of the items as they can remember. the mommy keeps all of the things, of course!

Unknown said...

You are inspiring me!! Everything is so cute... and I have to prepare a Baby party for 1st Bday of my daughter... I'll take some idea!! Thank you so much and.. sorry for my english! ;P

Sarah said...

Antonella, this would be a great theme for a 1st birthday party! Have fun!