Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Make an Old School Newspaper Hat

I love these old newspaper hats. They were perfect for our Garbage Truck Party. Here's a quick wordless tutorial if you'd like to whip up some for yourself.

Keep the fold at the top.


imperfectly natural mama said...

Hehe a classic design never gets old.

leaf and letter handmade said...

i laughed when i saw "baby blues" in the hat- that comic is so appropriate to my life right now :) love the garbage truck party! how incredibly creative!

C and P McKinzie said...

Love the garbage theme- so creative!!

Hey, did you see that you made it to Sew, Mama, Sew?!?! Congratulations!!

Paige in Fort Worth

Ashley W. said...

Thanks! My nieces(5, 3, and 3) and nephew (10 months) are visiting for Christmas and I thought this would be a fun thing for them to play with!