Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anthropologie: Why you gotta be so great?

We spent some time in West Palm Beach last week and look what I found!
Anthropologie's handmade styling first captured my attention when I listened to this awesome interview. (Do any of you listen to podcasts while you work? I'd love to hear your suggestions.) Anthropologie hires talented artists and lets them really push the boundaries with the displays.
I've had the privilege of visiting the store a few times and each time I go I am blown away by the visuals. This time there was a huge chandelier made out of zip ties. (You can kinda see it behind my cute roomie and little boybarians in this picture.)
The last time I went there were light fixtures that would take your breath away made out of plastic bottles, book pages and things like that. Everything they do is innovative and their ideas are usually where handmade trends are born. Me, I'm a sucker for their drawer pulls.
This time the coolest idea award went to these little notebooks. The tag said the designers found old painted canvases at garage sales and cut them to make these notebooks... there were tote bags too. I also found this little headband beaded with lots of bling, but the price tag was a little less inspiring so maybe I'll make my own.
Looks like Anthro is into my new teal and red combo too.
Here's a Christmas tree made out of starched sheet music. $48? No, I don't think I'll bite.
Any store with a beauty like this in the window is sure to steal my heart. Anthropologie, why you gotta be so great?!


Unknown said...

i love antho too, but don't love the price :(

Meredith said...

I have to go every time I'm at the mall, just to look at everything. (Rarely to buy, unfortunately!) Whenever you're in Durham you should do the same!