Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Good Chuckle!

Oh my friends, I got a good chuckle in my inbox this week. Can I share it with you?

"You seem to have it all together and I would assume that with all the projects you complete, that you have to have some grand method of keeping up!"

So while you may see this on my blog...
Let's take a little peek to my left, shall we? Yikes!
Kid #1 has a belt tied around his forehead and is practicing "harate" (that's karate!) then gets sick of that and switches to hiding like a turtle under his toy box, while kid #2 looks like this. One arm in, one arm out! How did that happen?!
So now you know the truth. Psst, don't tell anyone I don't exactly have it all together!


carissa said...

yep, this is my life, too. i'm learning to quit comparing because no one ever has it put together. it feels freeing knowing i'm not alone. : )

Unknown said...

nobody's's so good to know :)

rilojane said...

Oh, that makes me feel better.