Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Weekend at the Lake!

There comes a time in every mommy's life when she's itching to go away for a weekend, leave her babies in the secure arms of her hubby and connect with girl friends. Am I right?

Throw in a sewing machine, paintbrush, some sugar, a little junking, loads of laughs and it's the stuff dreams are made of.
Alicia and I have been dreaming of just such a weekend since we met. We read each other's blogs and met a few months ago when she moved across the country to NC. Our hope is to one day soon make a weekend like this available to you crafty friends so more of us will have the chance to meet and make the things we drool over on Pinterest.
Alicia arrived to my parents lake house on Friday night. We popped some popcorn on the stove (whoa, so yummy!) and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Saturday we got right down to business. After a quick Starbucks run we went to the Flea Market to look for some good quality junk!
We did some wheelin' and dealin' to find only the best stuff and boy, did we hit the mother load! Inspiration oozed out of every corner of this place.
Pinky promise... I didn't style the typewriter for this picture, but it's perfect for me, right!?
Here are our purchases... that sewing box filled with wooden spools... $10, the vintage patterns... 3 for $1! $1 for the linen dish towel with my parent's wedding year on it. $65 for the four-shelf metal rack that's foldable! *sigh!*
How awesome is Alicia's TNT box!? I can just see it filled with a ton of her new mixed media pieces to display at her first art show. (Yes, we dreamed about that too!)
Home again after a bite to eat at Ikea, we dug in to our crafting supplies. For the next few hours and in to Sunday morning there was a flurry of needle felting, painting, sewing, wood distressing, Mod Podge-ing, and hot glue gunning while we worked on our Etsy lines.
At one point I looked up from my projects and had a "moment." The table was filled with two sewing machines, a serger and paints everywhere. I had just spent a whole weekend with a girl I met through the internet, yet it was like I had just hung out with my sister. We are on the same page. Does that make sense?
I'm always the crazy one who brings my latest project to family gatherings and is glued to my camera. This picture is for my hubby, proof that other crazies do exist! :)
It's nice to have another creative mind to bounce ideas off of. She "gets" me!
And so my friends, you have lots to look forward to! First, our Etsy lines are coming out soon. Alicia's will be filled with yummy plaids and warm felts, just perfect for winter and valentine's day. I'm still dreaming about mine, but I'm thinking that I'll release a winter line called "Paper" and in the spring it will be all about the babies!
And sometime in the near future we will have a Pinterest weekend for the masses, wanna come?
(Read Alicia's post about our weekend here. She's a much better writer than me, so it'll be good.)


Olivia said...

I'm so jealous! I'm in the middle of EOC week at the high school so the stress level of this teacher is enormous! I would so pay $$$ to attend a kid free weekend crafting! And I just got a new sewing machine for Christmas. So excited. Please do this soon!!!

Jenn said...

So much fun, Sarah! You know that I want to be a part of the next Pinterest weekend (since I fully blame you (and love you for) introducing me to Pinterest at the beach. Make it for after May, and we will be back in the area!

Christina said...

If only TX were closer to NC, I would come in a heartbeat! I think we could all be friends! So glad you have a friend like her. Can't wait to see y'alls new etsy lines.

Unknown said...

you got some FAB pics this weekend, girlie! love them...makes me miss my camera :( we did have such a great time and based on the comments we've gotten, we better be planning a weekend! for reals!!

Karla said...

That sounds amazing! And it looks like y'all got some awesome stuff! I can only dream of a kid free Pinterest weekend....hubby is deployed often. But I am lucky to have Pinterest parties with a few girlfriends. Can't wait to see all the new things in your etsy shop :).

Suzanne said...

Genius idea. I think I'll have to do a UK based one...a cottage in the Cotswolds perhaps? Now I just need to get my Limeys as addicted to Pinterest as all my Yankees are.

Laura said...

I'm close enough. I would come. I want to meet you guys and share popcorn and flea market adventures. :)

carissa said...

it's like all of the goodness of alicia all over again, here! you have such a pretty space in blog land - lovin' it.

please invite me to crafting getaway shindig! i don't know how to sew or really do anything, but i promise to be fun anyway!!! : )

Christina said...

Hi Sarah, Yes, the laundry soap has a nice clean soapy smell to it. We love it! - Christina

Angie said...

I want to come!!! I've been doing some block printing and thinking it may be fun to do some prints/card sets and sell them on etsy. Plus I just bought a sewing machine and can use some inspiration.

Etheline said...
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Etheline said...

Future pinterest party for the masses sounds heavenly. Count m in!

Tracey said...

Wow - we're so on the same wave length!! My girlfriends and I were just talking about this!!
Awesome. You all did great work!!

Kate said...

Looks like a wonderfully fun weekend, Sarah! I love the idea of a craft weekend...wish you weren't on the other side of the country!