Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Rustic Feminine Wedding Shower

My cousin Anne is a feminine trend setter.  She majored in interior design and she's always loved color, patterns and design.  BUT... this girl is not afraid to throw on a pair of hiking boots and wipe some sweat off of her brow on the Blue Ridge.  I'm telling you, any girl who can wear her Kate Spades as well as she wears her Merrells is a catch and she's been caught!  His name is Jeremy and they are calling it official in November!  A rustic, feminine and very southern wedding shower is in order.

(My sister-in-law, Mary Chandler, my mom, Anne and me... it's like a pregnant sandwich!) 
Yes, stumps showed up at our shower... stumps and vintage doilies!  I can imagine God getting a little tickled making this particular tree... so strong and tall, so rustic in the middle of some beautiful forest somewhere, but He knew that one day this tree would have another life... covered in doilies with a bunch of girls giggling around it!
There's not a whole lot more Southern than vintage blue glass Ball jars filled with lemons, so we did a little of that.
Galvanized ice bucket, hand embroidered vintage linens and of course, more Ball jars to drink... what else... sweet tea and raspberry lemonade punch!

The punch was a huge hit.  My mom's recipe is one can frozen concentrated raspberry lemonade mixed with one liter of Sun Drop (Sprite if you're not from the South).
I did three centerpieces on the food table just to switch things up a bit this time.
The two centerpieces on the left and right are actually an arrangement of different size Ball jars with a combination of white hydrangeas, yellow flowers and some cut lemons.
The center arrangement is on a raised wooden pedestal with an addition of yellow lilies. 
 Silver became a little less well-to-do.
Our invitation was thanks to Vistaprint.
Now that I've thoroughly bored you with the decoration details, let's eat, shall we!?  Country ham biscuits are just a must at a shower and these were soaked in a brown sugar and butter mixture just to send them over the top.  (Do I sound like the Pioneer Woman?)
The shower was at 10:00am, so we went with brunch food.  Fruit skewers, baked gruyere cheese grits, blueberry muffins, and sausage and egg breakfast casserole.  No one left hungry or without their fair share of rustic femininity, y'all!


Unknown said...

soo soo cute, sarah! i love the stumps! what a sweet shower.

Jenny said...

What a beautiful shower!!

Christina said...

Beautiful! And cute baby bumps, too!

Dawn Lynn said...

Sarah! where did you find the stumps? I just love how it all looks! so striking!

Sarah said...

My dad cut the stumps for me and turned the bowls. But you can find something similar here: