Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Man First Birthday Party

Trey is one! And while he hasn't exactly told us his facial hair preferences yet, we took the liberty to choose a mustache party for him.
Brightside Prints supplied the gorgeous custom invitations.
The paper quality was amazing, can you tell how thick that is?
Thanks Brightside!
The inspiration for the party came when I saw these mustache pacis on Pinterest. You can buy your own here. (Or check out my tutorial!)
I wish you could have heard us laughing when we saw the kids in these. I especially love the "femi-stache" on my niece Louisa! And who knew there was a mustache app too... hilarious!
Can you hear the giggles?
I made a "Happy Birthday" banner for Trey and attached pictures of him from the past year all 'stached out. (Thanks Picnik.)
Fortunately for me, my husband wears bow ties, so I asked if he would help me tie a few to the chandelier. (That's the old brass chandelier I saved a few years back.)
The table runner is something I dreamed up out of my husband's old dress shirts (I'm thinking those shirts have been pretty well re-purposed now, from work to baby quilt and now table runner!)
OK, maybe a couple more use for those shirts... I cut off the sleeves to cover the flower vases.
And cut off the collar to make the napkins look a little cuter.
Now on to the food table, shall we?
I had waaay too much fun with these mustache candy molds. We used them for cupcake toppers, favors and crayons.

I have a weakness for wedding cake, so I've been working hard to perfect a recipe that's as close as possible to that flavor. The cake was white almond cake with vanilla buttercream, it's the same recipe I used from my cupcake party baby shower.
I'm a sweets person, but for our salty friends, pretzel rods in old cigar boxes added to that "little man" feel. Judge me if you will for having cigar boxes at a one year old's birthday party, but those boxes are gorgeous aren't they?!
Now if all of this talk of sweets is making you thirsty, be sure to wet your whiskers.
And for the big kids, mustache crayons to color with while the little ones played.
Here's the whole fam (being photo bombed by our nephew Noah!)

It was such a great party, we're so proud of the little man that God has blessed us with.
But wait, before you go...
We hate to see you leave, but if you really "mustache" take this too!
(If you're planning a little man party, I have the water bottle wraps, little man paci sign and favor tags I designed and I'm happy to share them, just email me.)


Megan said...

Too cute! Looks like everyone had fun!

Harish Dewani said...

congrats sarah..and belated happy birthday to trey also.

Christina said...


Kate said...

Sarah! What an awesome party. I'm so excited to 'stache' some ideas away for my own little man. (Hahaha...pun totally intended. *wink*) I can't believe he's one! I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was reading your posts from the hospital. Hope you're enjoying each and every day with those boys!

Bran said...

I love it!!! That is such a fun party!!!

Cristina HW said...

SO WONDERFUL! I am doing a mustache baby shower in a couple of weeks and this is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing! PS. The sleeves vase covers=AWESOME!

lee and hannah said...

cutest. party. ever... oh my word! i'm laughing out loud at these kids with mustaches on!!!!

homemade by jill said...

I love everything about this party - great job!

The Running Kidd said...

Awesome Party! I'm doing the same theme for my sons 1st bday (using the same invites from Brightside) and I saw you said you still have the covers for the water bottles. Is there any way I can get that from you? THANKS a million!!

Sarah said...

Happy to share, just email me!

Jennifer Perkins said...

Everything looks so cute I am glad I am not the only mother who takes a theme and runs with it. Where did you find the wee little bowtie? I am looking for one for my 7 month old.

Sarah said...

I got the bowtie at the Brooks Brother's outlet store, but there are plenty of online tutorials for making them if you'd like to give that a shot.

Addie Zierman said...

So so cute. Love the cigar boxes full of pretzels. And the mustache crayons! And the pacifier mustaches (the tutorial that led me here...) So creative.

Jenny R said...

Your party has been such an inspiration for my little man's first birthday too! Could you please email me the templates for the water bottle and favor tags? LOVE Them!! Thanks!

Wendy said...

So cute. I'm going to send you an email directly asking for you to share your printables with me. My soon to be teen and her friends are SOOO into mustaches right now.

Unknown said...

This is the cutest party. My daughter is having her 13th birthday mustache bash and I'm hosting a mustache link party on my blog in honor of her party. I'd love for you to link this up. Here's the party link... http://www.doodlesandstitches.com/2012/09/mustache-link-party-17.html

Unknown said...

Hello! I love your party and all the super cute mustache items. I'm having a mustache party for my little guy who is turning 2 in December. Would love the templates for the water bottles and favor tags if you still have them. Please and thank you!


meganjboucher at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Such an adorable party! Do you still have your templates? So creative & unique :)

Thank you,
Lacey acuff


Unknown said...

I'd love it if you could send me the templates. Very cute party and thanks for some ideas!

mweilert said...

LOVE THIS!! Could you email me these templates? My email address is mweilert@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Could you email me the templates please? littlelepeka@hotmail.com

Larry and Beth Murray said...

Can you share the layout with me too? I've got a little one turning one very soon and we are totally stealing the paci idea :-)

Unknown said...

I want to do a lil man party for my lil guy and would love your templates. COuld you send to me? ariella.lovewell@gmail.com