Monday, February 20, 2012

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were planning the bachelorette weekend for Anna and now we're on to the baby shower! Time flies!
Come on in, I'll show you how it went.
I made a diaper wreath for the front door, but the rain-that-later-turned-to-snow wouldn't let me put it up outside. You know what happens to a diaper at the pool? Yeah, it wouldn't have been a pretty sight!
Anna chose a Peter Rabbit theme for her new daughter, Mary Ellen ("Emmie")'s nursery, so naturally we chose a Peter Rabbit theme for her shower.

Think: Vintage white table cloth and a burlap runner (from Mama B Vintage) topped with rustic details like a cake stand made from a stump, moss, and pebbles.
I love it when there are name tags at a shower, so I made some garden spades for each of us and all of the guests signed the front of a Peter Rabbit book for little Emmie.
I "borrowed" a pair of Owen's rain boots and stuck some glass vases with flowers down inside. He would have flipped if he saw his boots looking that girly, so let's keep this between us, shall we?
My dad's woodworking skills really came in handy for this party. He made us a bowl for nuts...
and a cake stand that I am in love with!
Alice and Meredith were in charge of all of the food and they did not disappoint! They made this beautiful veggie tray (the cabbage was hulled out and stuffed with spinach dip...yum!).
We also had bacon wraps, hot ham and cheese rolls and brie bites. The brie bites were really easy and my personal favorite... it's just mini phyllo tarts, a cube of brie, chopped pecans, brown sugar and honey all baked together into this sweet crunchy bit of goodness....mmmm!
I'll be back to tell you about the adorable gifts Anna got. Sometimes creative and practical don't go together when you're giving baby shower gifts, but Anna has some very thoughtful friends who went all out to make little Emmie feel special! I'll share their ideas with you.


Jenn & David said...

wow, absolutely beautiful!!! So excited for Anna!

Unknown said...

oh my word!!! so precious! i love it love it :)

Karla said...

Gorgeous shower!

Marissa said...

I follow you on Pinterest and I think I may have watched you pin inspiration for this shower! So fun to see it all done and come together! Love all of the ideas. Cute blog!

Christina said...

It's SO hard not to be jealous of your mad party-planning skills. : )

The Fryes said...

Precious! Love the cake stand and bowl out of wood!

carissa said...

um gorgeous! so absolutely sweet!

and your honey comes to charleston? yes, playdate for sure! : )

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

The pom pom clouds and raindrop garlands are too cute not to use, so I might have to implement them into a rainbow themed party. You can't have a rainbow without raindrops and sunshine, right?