Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It!

I blame Pinterest for the newest yummies that are sitting in my kitchen right now begging to be gobbled up...
You're going to need to watch closely because this recipe requires skill and precision.

Step one... Two Vanilla Wafers ('Nilla Wafers if you're from the south) with peanut butter in the middle.
Step two... chocolate bath.

Did you miss something? Go back and read step one again, slowly. It's a tuffy, I know.
Owen and I made these together.
His wife will thank me one day. I've taught him only the finest low-cal recipes. A Southern Baking Tradition... yes sir-ree!
Too bad we don't have any fun in the kitchen!


Karla said...

Those look insanely delicious and easy to make! Will totally have to try it.

Unknown said...

YOU are just about the cutest little southern thing evah! ;)

Christina said...

Too fun and cute!

Tia said...

Just wondering about the chocolate you used to dip these in, did you just melt some chocolate chips? They look yummy!

Sarah said...

I used the baking chocolate bark that comes in big chunks, but I'll bet choc chips would work too.