Friday, October 16, 2009

Atlantic Beach

These last few days I've been on a trip with my mother-in-law, just the two of us, to Atlantic Beach. It rained. She read. I crafted. It was wonderful! The rain stopped long enough for me to take a good long walk on the beach.
I brought along my camera because pictures aren't as sandy in my pocket as shells, plus I can share some of my favorite sights with you... and here's a first, I've never seen a whole horseshoe crab shell on the beach before.
Nor have I ever seen two people boogie boarding in OCTOBER as casually as these two well-over-60-year-old men! This was no polar bear club dare... they were really enjoying themselves for a while! I was impressed!
One thing I loved about this trip to the beach was that I had a lot of time to myself. I could sit on the beach and watch this little guy dig his new home without feeling rushed. I read a lot... 1 Samuel actually... I mean when was the last time you read 1 Samuel? It's awesome!
Oh and I did plenty of crafting too, so I've got lots of goodies to share with you over the next few days!
Get excited... there's a creative room reveal coming soon too! It's finally done!


Three Birds Inspired said...

My favorite beach is Holden Beach and my very favorite time to be there is in October. Now that I have moved so far north I can't make trips there as often as I would like. I am sure you had a wonderful time enjoying the solitude of the beach in autumn.

Unknown said...

what a fun time!! we went to AB for the first time this summer and fell in love with it :)

Natalie said...

Can't wait to see the room! I'm jealous of your getaway. How fun for you two.

Sarah said...

Suzan, Holden is my favorite too! I've been going every single summer for the last 28 years with my family. Too funny!