Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coming Soon...

I hope your family is having a wonderfully relaxing time together this season! I'm taking a short break to focus on what's most important... the birth of my Savior and my family!

I'll be back in January with the much requested step-by-step sock dog tutorial...
Also coming soon is some big news about what's going to happen the next few months around these parts! (Oh I'm so excited to tell you! And, no I'm not pregnant yet... there's no way I would be able to keep that a secret!)

I'll leave you with an email from a reader named Paige. It is emails like these that make the hard work of blogging well worth it! She has created an adorable banner that reads, "Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel" not only is it adorable, it's also a functional advent calendar with one verse in each of the banner pockets. What a great idea! Paige, I'm honored that the Lord has chosen to use my little blog to inspire you to worship Him!! Thanks for telling me!

Dear Sarah,
I love your blog! I don't really remember how I stumbled upon it, but it is great! At some point this summer, I read through your old posts and came to your 2008 posts about Holidays Fit for The King. Through those various links and the website created from last year's event, I was inspired...
I was inspired to not only celebrate Advent this year, but to do it with a fun craft too! I truly felt like I was worshipping as I made this Advent Banner (pic attached). There's an advent Scripture per pocket- a verse per day. We are loving it.
Thanks for being a conduit of inspiration!
Paige in Fort Worth

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