Friday, December 23, 2011

Toy Car and Crayon Clutch... Part 2

It's been a while... remember these?
It holds four toy cars, eight crayons and the attention of your active little man while you're out and about.
Now I'm gonna throw a ton of pictures at you, hold on. I just got a new camera lens for Christmas and these little clutches were so sweet to pose for me.
Heather, these are coming your way. I hope the little guys in your life love them.


Olivia said...

the link back to the original site doesn't work. can you post the link to where the directions are to make this. My boys need one of these!!!

Sarah said...

Hey Olivia,
Give it another shot, the pictures on the original post about these are really similar. So glad you like these! I just made up a pattern for them, so there's not actual directions.