Friday, October 23, 2009

The Big Reveal!

It's been a few months in the making, and finally we're ready for the big Creative Room reveal! I can hardly wait!!

Come on up! I'll be your tour guide. On your left as you come up the stairs there will eventually be a bunch of mismatched frames with cork showcasing my little guy's creative work, but for now you'll just have to imagine it. At the top of the stairs, under my driftwood mirror is the fabric hutch.

Before I turn the corner, here's a quick look back at where we've come from. This was the attic back in June before my dad worked his magic!
Here it is now!! Dad salvaged a bunch of wood paneling from another project and we painted it Veridian Green from Olympic Paints. The best way to describe this color in person is "happy!" My creative area is to your right, my son's creative area is to your left and my husband's reading chair is off the picture to your far left. Now that you've got the floor plan, let's explore!
Let's skip my favorite area for a minute and talk about the rest of the room. Here is Owen's play corner. He's almost 2 years old right now, so his creative space is a chalk board and a tool bench (both garage sale finds!) Soon we will be getting a folding table for this area so that he can color and work on art projects, but for now he would rather hammer and draw.
Turn to your left and here's the hubby's reading chair (it also reclines, which makes for great Saturday afternoon naps!) I'll do my reading in the window seat, which I'm in LOVE with! I have to brag just a little bit and say that I did sew that piped seat cushion myself... pillows are one thing, but I didn't know I could sew a cushion like that until I gave it a shot and I'm pleased with the result. The reason I mention that is to encourage you... you don't know what you can do until you give it a try!
Remember what it looked like before?
And after... The built-in bookshelf was another one of my dad's gifts to us. He is a fabulous craftsman and whipped this up in just a couple of days! Dad was over at our house so much this summer that Owen started calling this room "Papa's attic"!
OK, on to my favorite spot in the room... The metal tray that's hanging on the back wall will eventually be a magnetic calendar so come visit again to see how that one turns out! The idea for this area is that when friends come over to be crafty we can all sit at this main table together.
This is my crafty storage area and if you're anything like me, a picture like this just won't do. You'll want to know what's inside and how I organized it...
So here it is... thank you Picnik for the photo editing tools (fo freeee!!)
The chair was a really nice shade of maroon (that's an oxymoron isn't it?... nice and maroon in the same sentence!) Anyway, I got it on Craigslist and slip-covered it then appliqued a little bird at the top. I'll be showing the tutorial on this soon. Under the table I have my scrap cabinet. I organized my scraps by shade. Neutrals on top, then cool colored scraps, and the warm colored scraps on the bottom. I've got two trash cans. One for trash and the other for scraps. I think the trash cans might be two of the very few things I bought at full price for this room! (The table, chairs and cabinet came from Craigslist.)
My grandmother gave me her sewing basket which I've loved since I was a little girl... right now it's full of little girl treasures and I can't bring myself to clean it out! Oh and I have to tell you about my portable project bag that's right in the front there on the ground. It's from Thirty One and I'm totally in love with it!! Have you heard of Thirty One? It's a christian direct-selling company and the name refers to Proverbs 31.

Back on top of the table you may have noticed the way I'm storing my ribbon. Spools in one container, large pieces are wrapped around old-fashioned clothes pins in a second container, then my small scraps are stuffed into that old Ball jar. My Odds and Ends Rack is in the background.
Just for fun, I etched my initials in the glass. Glass etching is contagious, I'm warning you!
So now that I've shared my big reveal with you, it's your turn!! I loved this idea from Jenny so much that I wanted to try it too.

(UPDATE: Almost three years later, here is my latest post about what the Creative Room looks like now.)

Do me a favor and leave a comment answering these questions so I can get to know you! :) Lurkers, stop lurking and get talking!

1. What's your name (first is fine if you are super secret)
2. Where do you live?
3. What do you like to do in your free time?
4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best?
5. Do you have a blog? Leave a link if you do! I want to come visit you.
6. What do you stink at?
7. What do you rock at?

Here are my answers:
1. Sarah
2. North Carolina
3. Plan my next project. Oh how I love projects and I love planning. Lists are my favorite!
4. Probably anything with my sewing machine that doesn't cost a lot of money
5. I guess you already know about my blog by now, huh!
6. I'm no good at picking out shoes. I have horrible shoe taste, so my husband does it for me! I'm also really bad at spelling and math, so he does those things for me too! Horray for husbands!
7. I'm really, really good at eating. Seriously! I once won a t-shirt for putting away a massive burrito (it took me 3 hours, and the shirt was a XXL... annoying, but I made a lot of good friends in the process!)


Gorby family blog said...

This looks great! I'm jealous of your space!

1. I am April.
2. I live in Virginia.
3. When I have free time I like to sew.
4. I love to sew and have recently learned to quilt.
5. I do have a blog. The address is
6. I'm terrible at knitting. I've been trying SO hard to learn and I just can't get it.
7. I'm really good at wasting time reading blogs!

Bethany said...

I love it!! I am a total lurker!!

1. Bethany
2. I live in Northern Kentucky.
3. In my free time I love to watch hockey, blog, and read.
4. I try to be crafty...I like scrapbooking...does that count?
5. I have lots of blogs! or or
6. I stink at managing my time :(
7. I like to think I am good at writing...but who knows!

MommyMert said...

1. Kari
2. Utah
3. Get out in the world and see what is out there.
4. I like improving on things I have already without spending a lot of money. (Be with the kiddos too.)
5. Yes, but its just a private family one.
6. Saying no.
7. Finding something that needs to be done and doing it.

Love your blog, Love your room, Keep it up.

Sherri said...

I so love your studio! It's gorgeous! And I'd love to know what color paint you used...if you wouldn't mind sharing!
1. I'm Sherri
2. I live in Nevada
3. I sew in my free time
4. Quilting, Quilting, Quilting!!!
5. My blog is
6. I'm terrible at cutting hair...can't even cut bangs...although give me fabric and I'm fine.
7. I'm good at thinking about getting organized...and making plans to do it.

Texas Slowpoke said...

I have been a lurker for a while. :)

1. Natalie
2. the great state of TX
3. I have 7 kids, not much free time these days. :)
4. Love to sew & do kiddy crafts
6. So want to be a good housekeeper...but I am not.
7. Really good at multitasking.

shana said...

1. shana
2. minnesota
3. sleep, read, hang out with friends, be with my family (hubby & 5 kiddos)
4. make cards
5. yup,
6. singing . . . love to do it, but people are really better off not to listen. it doesn't sound too pretty!
7. procrastinating

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karoline with a K said...

I love your room and your blog... it is so much fun to see all your projects.

1. I am Karoline
2. I live in Boston
3. I love to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book!
4. I love doing crafts... especially re-doing furniture that I find on the side of the road or off craigslist
5. My blogs are and
6. I really stink at hanging up my clothes after I wear them!
7. I rock at baking banana bread :)

Jessica said...

Wow, it all looks just gorgeous! We're working on a craft space at our house as well...can't wait!

I'm a lurker till now...

1. I'm Jessica
2. I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago
3. I like to sew, knit, cook/bake, and make stationery
4. My favorite thing right now is sewing...and I'm just getting started with quilting and am loving it so much!
5. My (relatively new!) blog is
6. Not so good at time management...I always seem to bite off more than I can chew.
7., craft projects, appliances--you name it!

Love your blog!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

What an amazing space!
I took your advice & am delurking. :)

1. Mique
2. LA area, CA
3. Anything creative- sew, photography, bake & cook, embroidery
4. Hard one- whatever I'm in the mood for. I have craft add.
5. 30days Stop by & say hi!
6. I stink at math.
7. I am good at trying new things- I usually am a bit timid at first but I love learning new stuff. Especially anything crafty.

jackie said...

I love your creative space!! I'm lucky to have A space, but it's nowhere even close to being decorated! I love your blog! Your projects are always so much fun to see and read about!

1. I am Jackie
2. I live in North Carolina
3. With a four-month-old, I don't have a lot of free time, but I love to sew and do many different crafts.
4. See above!
5. I do have a blog, but it hasn't been updated in awhile!
6. I'm an absolutely terrible singer!
7. I great at loving my baby boy and making him smile!

Kristin said...

That's a really inspiring space, especially prepared to my cardboard boxes. Thanks for the details, I love how you did the ribbon...

1. Kristin D. - semi-secret ;)
2. Seattle
3. Crafting, garage sales
4. Sewing, kids crafts with my kids
5. Please come visit me -
6. Housekeeping
7. laughing

Heather - said...

It looks awesome! What a blessing to have your dad do such a great project for/with you!

1. What's your name: Heather
2. Where do you live?: Salem, Oregon
3. What do you like to do in your free time? CRAFT!
4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? Sewing is my favorite tool for crafting.
5. Do you have a blog? Leave a link if you do! I want to come visit you.
6. What do you stink at? Doing chores before I do crafts
7. What do you rock at? Getting like-minded people together for big projects

Rebecca said...

1. Rebecca
2. Oregon (but lived in NC for 4 years. I miss it!)
3. Think up cheap ways to decorate my house.
4. I love to decorate cakes.
5. my blog is
6. I'm bad at prioritizing my time and not finishing projects. Trying to be better though.
7. Remembering where things are. My husband will ask me where something is and most times, I know exactly where it is!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Wonderful room!

1. My name is Suzan
2. I live in Pennsylvania
3. In my free time, I like to clean house. (I know, I know!)
4. I am pretty crafty. I sew or quilt every day. I have recently fallen in love with the joys of spray painting.
5. I have a blog about my sewing life: and my evolving house blog:
6. I am awful at getting laundry done. I can manage getting it into the washer & dryer. I can get it folded. I just can't get it put away in a decent amount of time. There is ALWAYS a basket of clean, folded laundry on top of my washing machine. I am also really bad with mending. I love to sew but I hate to mend.
7. I am a very good organizer. I am a total list freak!

jamie said...

What an amazing space! You make me want to get started on our attic renovation so badly! Enjoy your new creative space!

1. Jamie
2. Eastern Maine
3. Sew
4.'s hard to pick one thing! Decorations for the home I guess.
6. I stink at following directions of any kind!
7. I make a delicious roast chicken!

Katie said...

Love the space, you did such a great job!

1. I am Katie
2. I live in Western Chicago suburb, just moved from TN where I lived my whole life.
3. In my free time I try to figure out how to decorate my new house
4.My blog is
5.I am really bad at leaving comments on blogs, I am a total lurker
6. I am good at reading blogs and wasting time

Kelly said...

That room is amazing! The only thing it is missing is a rollaway bed for your new BFF, ME!

1.I am Kelly
2. I live in New Hampshire
3.Free time...remind me what this is again??? I love love love to craft when I have free time.
4.I dont think I could pick just one craft but right now my faves are sewing, mod podging, and scrapping
5.My blog is:
please come visit...I am just getting started
6. I stink at sewing a straight line, being organized, and putting away clean clothes
7. I make a really really really good homemade mac and cheese and I change a mean diaper :)

CourtneyKeb said...

1. I'm Courtney
2. I live in South Louisiana
3. Free time? What's that?
4. I usually like to dabble in different crafts until I'm bored. My latest fascination is felt though.
5. I sure do:
6. Sewing patterns. I can do a square and sew a hem, but you give me a pattern and you can expect tears.
7. I'm a pretty good fixer upper. Meaning I mess things up a lot, but I can always revive them :)

CourtneyKeb said...

Oh yea, I forgot to mention: Your creative room-- BE PROUD!!!! It's awesome!

Erica said...

Oh my it's beautiful. All your hard work paid off. I love how you created spaces for you family. Great idea! I'm a bit jealous, I have visons of a cute creative space in our apartment in CA, maybe a transformed balcony. You've got my brain rolling.

Here's my list
1. Erica
2. Very soon Central Asia!!!!
3. Sew, read, hang out with the family or tea with friends
4. Anything with fabric
5. Yep
6. crocheting
7. Making a mess

Amber said...

I am a lurker...I will admit. :)
I love your new space, and I've enjoyed your blog!
1. Amber
2. Boise, Idaho
3. i love to sew/eat/shop
4. sewing/blogging/scrapbooking
6.I stink with coming up with my own ideas--I"m a copier!
7.I"m good at being on time...really, I'm rarely late for anything!

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah! I think I am a lurker. You are in my Google Reader because I love your blog, but I don't know if I have ever commented. Not often anyway.

I love your new room. Your dad is a SWEETIE to do that for you. The best part ... the mess is up where guests do not have to trip over it. My mess is generally in my dining room :)

Ok, here goes.

1. Becky
2. Florida
3. I love to read, sew, knit, and try all kinds of different crafts ... and of course I love to read blogs :)
4. Well, mostly baby quilts right now. I'm enjoying learning how to quilt on a machine rather than by hand, and cranking quilts out for all the MOPS mamas that I mentor.
5. Yes, I think you can get to my blog when you click on my name :)
6. Remembering names. I am terrible at that. I depend on my husband and hope that when I run into someone out in town I do not have to be called upon to introduce them to someone else.
7. I am a good cook, baker, and I do a great job of NEVER throwing away leftovers.

Thanks for this. It was fun!

Laura said...

This is the first time I've left a comment, but, since we just spent the morning working on reclaiming the bonus room upstairs for my craftiness, I had to let you know how much I LOVE your room! I have gotten some amazing ideas from it.

1. Laura
2. Missouri
3. hang out with my best friend (who happens to be my hubby), play with my granddaughter, read, sew, embroider
4. My new embroidery machine is my current favorite toy - I'm addicted to new designs and love to think up cute things to embellish!
5. My daughter actually takes care of this blog for both of us:
6. I stink at getting organized, but I love to BE organized
7. I'm great at loving folks, family and friends!

Donna said...

Your room looks lie an crafty oasis! Can I come down for a weekend getaway to craft with you? :)
I love how you covered your office chair...I'll have to search your blog to see if I can find a tutorial... is there one?

1. I'm Donna
2. I live in Lancaster County PA
3. I'm addicted to paper, but I spend most of my free time collecting ideas, not necessarily creating them
4. Like I said I love paper; I also love to sew and after we get our Christmas gift (new camera) I hope to really pursue more photography
6. Drawing, which can really annoying
7. Throwing a great party!

Christina said...

Oh Sarah - I'm so glad we're friends in real life. That way you can invite me over to craft in your craft room. :)

And I'll play along and answer the questions - especially since I learned something about you reading this post. Jacob laughed SO hard when I read him the part about Kyle picking out your shoes. Love it!!

1. Christina
2. live in the same county as you
3. free time I like to craft, read, blog and ??? I don't have a lot of free time.
4. love to sew and other easy crafts
5. and
6. I'm not very good finishing projects - as I learned when cleaning out my craft shelves today.
7. I think I'm so-so at a lot of things - nothing major sticks out. I do like to cook?

CAC said...

love the room, love love love the craft corner! totally jealous.

so yea, totally a lurker (a relatively new lurker).

1. Joelle
2. I live in northern virginia
3. Unfortunately, I don't have much free time, but I love to cook and bake and do crafty things!
4. scrapping and sewing, but I don't like messing with patterns so it's always an adventure!
5. sure do!
6. I totally stink at cleaning. I'm not proud of this, but it's just a fact.
7. I am pretty good at running my yapper.. could talk all night to anyone who will listen (or at least pretend to listen!)

great idea, very fun!
So, I was looking at the cupcake pin cushions on your "to do" list, and I can't stop thinking about them. I really want to make some, but am not sure how to go about it.. have you tried it yet?

CAC said...

ps. i'm completely jealous of your fabric hutch. all the fabric inside! so cute.

Twinkies said...

1. Mika
2. Leesburg, VA
3. I love to read books and travel.
4. I love making my three girls hair bows and other baby gift stuff like nursing covers and binkie holders.
6. cleaning my house. Especially while I'm pregnant.and spelling.
7. Exsploring new places and trying new things.

Hearts and Roses said...

1.hello I am Tami in utah to craft, sew, read, reuse old items and scrapbook.
4.anything with glue gun, scrapbook paper,material and stamps. (to name a few)
6.polymer clay, I love the things you can make with it, I just stink at it!
7. makeing an idea happen.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for delurking, y'all! It's hilarious to read some of your responses! The room has been a blast and a total blessing that we don't take for granted! To answer some of your comments...

Sherri- The paint color is Veridian Green
Suzan- I too stink at putting away clean laundry! What's that all about!?
Kelly (my new BFF) and Donna- The rollaway is a great idea! I'm game for a crafty weekend! ;)
Erica- I owe you a long email... that's coming soon!
Christina- I'm sure Jacob did get a good laugh out of that. Bet he didn't know about Kyle's hidden talent with fashion accessories! :)
Joelle- I haven't tried the cupcake pincushions. I'll bet they were done with felt, but they are pretty memorable aren't they!

Ashley said...

1. HI! I'm Ashley
2. Tennessee
3. New Craft projects
4. Sewing for my girls
6. Time Management
7. Loving my kids and the hubs

Lisa Beth said...

Love the space! Just started reading your blog a week or so ago - very fun!

1. Lisa Beth
2. I live in Bismarck, ND
3. Free time? My list is a mile long, but don't have TOO much of it...let's see: sew, scrapbook, blog, craft, etc.
4. The best is hard to define.... scrapbooking? Sewing? Hair bow making? I CAN'T DECIDE!
5. I have a couple blogs: and
6. I stink at cooking. And cleaning. Not sure why my hubby sticks around :)
7. My friends tell me I rock at crafting, but I don't think they know anyone like you!

kristen said...

It looks amazing!

Kristen Knox Stewart
Birmingham, AL
Read. On occasion, sew.
Making clothes and dolls for my girls. and
finishing projects
taking pictures

Jared and Delia said...

Sew, take pretty pictures, read
I want to knit but am totally inept at using more than one needle. Crocheting is more my style.

So I know I didn't answer all the questions but I am one of those lurkers. ;)

Love your room. I also really love how you made it for the whole family.

Bangkok Mom Quilts said...

1. Lin
2. Bangkok,Thailand
3. quilting,buying more fabrics and
6. I bought too many fabrics and can't keep it secret from my hubby:-)
7. I love eating too!!

Embellished Bayou said...

What an incredible space! You are a lucky girl. Here are my answers:
1. Christy
2. I live in Louisiana
3. I love to surf the net, especially reading blogs. I also love to craft (all sorts of stuff). I'm about to learn how to use my new embroidery machine.
4. I love to make embellished frames, paint antique tins the best, but I'll try just about anything!
6. I can't carry a tune o save my life!
7. I rock at baking/making desserts!

Anonymous said...

Love your big reveal. What a lovely room. I wish I had a place to be creative like that. Right now I'm working around kids and toys.

Hello, I'm Tiffany. I'm in the South. Free time? I don't have much of it. But when I have a few seconds, I like to spend it with my hubby. And photography.

I enjoy lots of crafts… pretty much I like learning a bit about everything. I'm horrible at math (like you, my hubby is my living calculator). And I'm good at making lists. said...

Oh WOW! It looks gorgeous! You guys did an AMAZING job! And the play corner is genius, I love that! I'll be linking in my next Craft Room Roundup.

1. Rachel
2. California
3. Craft and hike.
4. Home dec projects
6. Saying no. I want to try everything!
7. Having fun, staying organized, planning events, creative ideas.

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

1. My name is Sarah too!
2. I live in Georgia.
3. I like to sew and make crafty things in my spare time.
4. I like working with scrapbook paper. I am about to move so I am going to be doing a lot of repurposing and mod podging.
5. My blog is:
6. I stink at coming up with origianl ideas. Most of my projects come from tutorials I have found. Hopefully, as the years go by I can get more creative and more original.
7. I am good at blog-surfing and finding projects to-do. I think I need to stop surfing and start doing!

I love your craft room. I am moving soon and hope to be able to have one myself!

Carrie said...

1. Carrie
2. Baltimore, MD
3. Anything crafty - I have such a huge list! (and such little time :()
4. Gifts for friends - friend's babies especially :)
6. Currently - going to the gym. bleh
7. Loving my daughter, husband and dogs to death!! :)

NewYorkDrift said...

1. Stephanie
2. Brooklyn, New York!
3. I like to sew... draw... make jewelry... design websites... play some ukulele... read blogs...
4. Right now I am becoming very interested in making clothes. When I have time to craft I am usually working on trying to improve my sewing skills!
5. I have an old defunct blog... and I am planning on launching my new blog this week! I just need to finish tweaking the design. (
6. Knitting. My stitches always end up tight and uneven and gnarled.
7. I rock at web design, I like to believe. :)

Crystal said...

I love your room!

2. Utah
3. In my free time I love to craft and read.
4.I love all types of crafts but currently I am really enjoying sewing (just learning)
5.I have a fairly new craft blog and a family blog where I also post our preschool stuff
6. I really stink at numbers and math. Good thing I married an accountant.
7. entertaining two little kids.

Tucker Family said...

The room looks fantastic Sarah. You, your Dad and Kyle did a great job!! Congratulations!!! I think Create's next project should be a tree house for all of our boys! :)

Southern in the City said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Southern in the City said...

1. Meredith(Went to highschool with you)
2. I live in NYC
3. I love to visit with friends, hang out with my husband and exlore the city
4. Scrapbooking but haven't done much in awhile; want to be more crafty and enjoy reading your blog for ideas
5. I do have a blog -
6. Terrible at making decisions on where to eat out
7. Good at organizing, cleaning and procrastinating

Robyn said...

1. Robyn

2. Minneapolis, MN

3. I love to paint, create new things, decorate/re-arrange my house like mad, and sip wine or coffee any chance I get!

4. I like to create paintings the best I think...but painting pottery is a close second.

5. Yes! I do hav a blog, you can visit me at:

6. I stink at yard-work (mowing the lawn, fixing up broken items outside, raking, you name it!-I am a massage therapist so I exchange a couple massages for my good neighbors or my dad to rake, shovel or fix things around my house!) -Having a skill like massage is such a great bartering tool!

7. I rock at organizing. I get a goofy 'high' from getting into a messy drawer and making it perfect again!

Kat said...

I LOVE your blog and Im totally jealous of your craft space!!!
1. Katice is my real name but most people know me as Kacy. (Its easier to say lol)
2. I live in Sunny, South West Florida
3. Whats free time? just kidding. Right now I am in school, I want to teach HS or MS math (I can help with your math anytime! :))
4.During breaks my daughter and I do random crafts, and I like to make jewelry, paint, and do anything thats crafty really. My new project is to learn to sew. I cant wait to make something!!
5. My craft blog that I just started ~
6. I stink at grammar
7. I rock at cartwheels and dancing with my daughters!!!
Life is good...enjoy your day! :)

Christy said...

What a great space!
1. Christy Nelson
2. Nebraska!
3. Craft and have fun with my friends.
4. I like all kinds of crafts-sewing, knitting, paper crafts.
6. scrapbooking--I blog instead!
7. Sharing the love of craft with people! I'm also quite the expert on attached i-cords!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Hi! Just found your blog, so it's nice to meet you! Here's me:

1. Jacky. Real-life friends call me Jaquelyn, usually, but if you can't remember how to spell it, Jacky is fine. =)

2. In the sunny state of FL. Where it is still hot. And I'm tired of it!

3. You'll usually find me reading, playing the piano, or wasting time with my iPod Touch.

4. I make cards. I started selling them on Etsy back in January. Everyone tells me they're great, but so far I've only made 3 real sales. Exciting, huh?

5. I do, indeedy! You'll find me at The Sweetest Petunia these days...(

6. Being patient. Seriously. It's awful.

7. Using big words. Makes me sound like I read the dictionary, but I don't. Much. =)

Your new space looks absolutely FAB by the way! =D

Adam and Natalie said...

So beautiful!

1. Natalie
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Go thrift shopping!
4. I love to make anything for my house. I love a good before and after so I like to take ugly or plain furniture and make it pretty.
5. It's our house renovation of a 1920's farmhouse.
6. After last night, apparently using a power drill in high places. They're heavy and my arm gets tired. :) That, and putting away clean laundry too.
7. Spelling. Which also makes me good at Scrabble. (I'm pretty sure you spelled "hooray" wrong.) Ha ha! I would only tell you that because I'm a friend. I'm also good at pointing out other people's flaws!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Your space looks amazing! Lovely.
I think I've waited enough days to not have to answer all those questions.

Amanda said...

Your space is amazing!

Amy said...

HOLY MOLY mother of pearl!!! This is gorgeous, well I knew that you would make it amazing, of course! Congrats on finishing such a huge project!!!

Mochi Needlecraft Home said...

1. I am Sonia
2. I live in Bogor, west Java, Indonesia
3. I fill my free time with any of these: knitting/crochet, sewing, cooking, play with my baby girl, pc games, reading
4. yup, here it is:
5. i'm a clutter, that's bad, really bad, i envy people who are so organized
6. i'm good at wasting money, not that i have lots of money, but there's always an excuse to spend money :p

Anonymous said...

What a great creative space! I have been lurking but will now reveal myself :)

1. Laurie Anne
2. I live in Toronto,Canada
3. I like to try new crafts and new recipes as well as absorb myself in a book.
4. I like to sew and have made one working on my second.
5. I have a blog. It's called Rebel Blossom.
6. Managing my time effectively.
7. I rock at procrastinating! :)

I will stop lurking and start following now :) Hugs!

Jesslyn said...

What a gorgeous room! Recently found your blog and I'm already so inspired! You help me do better with anything crafty and I'll help you pick out shoes (one of my great loves!)

1. Jesslyn
2. Utah for now
3. I have 3 kids under 3 thanks to my twins so I've forgotten what free time is like. But when I find it again, it'll be to practice sewing, which I'm not very good at yet. I love fashion and want so much to be able to do some of my own clothes.
4. Kids stuff and games for them.
5. My style blog: Liberating modest dressers from their frumpy wardrobes!
6. I stink at sewing right now!
7. I rock at finding cool blogs like this one and fashion! Clothes! Shoes! Luv it!

Megan said...

1. What's your name: Megan
2. Where do you live? Lincoln, AL
3. What do you like to do in your free time? make things for others
4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? scrapbook
5. Do you have a blog?
6. What do you stink at? updating my blog!!! As you can see there are only 2 entries! I am a huge procrastinator!
7. What do you rock at? I'll have to agree with April, I'm also very good at wasting time and reading A LOT of blogs!

Kirsten said...

I'm so envious - what a fantastic creative space! It makes me want a bigger house! With baby #2 on the way, our office (mainly for work, but with a small craft table) may have to be turned into a guest room!

1. I'm Kirsten
2. I live in New Brunswick, Canada (north of Maine)
3. Free time doesn't seem to happen too often, but when it does, I like to craft/sew, scrapbook, and make mixed CDs for riends
4. I've made a bunch of felt food for my daughter's play kitchen, and that's the most rewarding - I see her appreciation every day!
5. My blog is Painting Pink Pajamas:
6. I need to work on time management and organization - things seem to pile up!
7. I'm fantastic at reading stories - I always do the voices. :)

Heather said...

1. Heather Stewart
2. Alliston, Ontario, Canada
3. Free time?! I'm a new mom, I forget what free time is. But when I get a moment to myself, I plan what I'll do with MORE moments to myself.
4. I'm just learning to do "fancy" crafts that involve needles and thread and beads and things. Paper crafts are my thing so far. Cards. lots and lots of cards.
5. blog. yes. long, i know. i was getting desperate.
6. I stink at math.
7. I rock at spelling. except that one time, when i spelled my name wrong on a spelling test. but that was grade 2, who are we kidding.

Stacy Disarrayed said...

1. Stacy L.
2. Fishers, IN
3. be crafty!
4. jewelry and scarves
6. I stink at quitting Diet Coke
7. I rock at singing, for realz :)

Jenn & David said...

I know this is a little late Sarah, but I am just getting reconnected with your blog! :)

1. Jennifer
2. Raleigh
3. Playing with my boys
4. I am not crafty at all, that is why I am venturing out and considering some of your ideas. :)
5. yep I sure do! Its link on Blair's page :)
6. Crafts
7. Multitasking

Recycled Rita said...

1. Karen
2. I live in Southern California
3. I love to spend time with
family, craft, movies
4. I love to craft...mostly paper crafts
6. I stink at anything athletic
7. I rock at connecting with special needs kids (my daytime job)

Dilla said...

Thanks for sharing this :) Totally adore it! Just few days ago I was thinking-dreaming more like it- to have a room where I can do my craft thingy and my husband can get on with his painting hobby.

1. I am Dilla.
2. I'm from Malaysia currently living in the UK.
3. Read, embroidery, cook & 'trying' to sew.
4. I like trying different things. now I'm into paper craft & embroidery.
6. Folding laundry.
7. I'm terribly good at convincing myself that I can do almost anything. Which isn't always the case :(

Sierra said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I felt like commenting even though it's been a month! LOVE your stuff! So crafty and creative!

1. SIerra
2. Missouri
3. Craft, Find inspiration on craft blogs, plan future crafts
4. I like everything...lately I've been dipping my finger in all sorts of crafts. My in-law's at getting me a sewing machine for Christmas though and I have 4 sewing patterns lined up from Etsy! Can't wait!
5. Yes!
6. I stink at...well, I stress out really easily and that's my downfall with everything in life.
7. I'm good at organizing and planning ahead. :)

dana said...

OH MY GOSH. I'M SO jealous! what a cool space! and I love being in lofty rooms like that, tucked away in the attic. VERY cool. Great decor and color choice too.

Sharla said...

I LOVE your paneled walls. and the color. I'm so jealous of this family space!

crookedknits said...

I'm so jealous of this room! I can't wait to have a house someday that I can do this to. Lucky!

I'm pretty new to your blog so I haven't commented much before. Here's your survey though...

1. Steph
2. Brooklyn, NY
3. knit, knit, knit! and bake and read too
4. mostly knitting (because it's small) but sewing when I can squeeze it in
6. not getting distracted by my knitting from all the other things I should be doing :o)
7. Procrastinating all those things I should be right now :o)

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

May I come be your friend and sit at your crafty table and be crafty with you!!! Such a great re-do!! I'm thrilled for you! WOo Hoo!!

These Are The Days said...

That room turned out so great!

1. I'm Jessica
2. Gilbert, Arizona
3. Free time I like to blog, jog, read, NFL games (vikings) listen to good music, decorate.
5. I'm terrible at making consistant and delicious dinners.
6. I'm good at making things happen in a orderly and timely manner.

Unknown said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog. I love your creative room and I can't wait to explore your blog a little more.

1. My name is Darla
2. I live in Arizona
3. When I have free time I like to organize stuff in my house.
4. I never considered myself crafty or creative until a few years when I just decided to start trying new things instead of saying I can't do it. My favorite thing to do is to transform furniture.
5. My blog address is
6. I am terrible at teaching my kids to tie their shoes. We just buy velcro.
7. I am really good at making from scratch whole wheat bread.

Anonymous said...

1. Kelly, Mom, Grammy, Ms. A. and others I likely should not know.
2. Missouri
3. Needlearts of so many a kind, blogging and reading.
4. I like making things with my girls.
5. My blog is (un)Deniably Domestic - unDeniably Domestic
6. Wii - according to my kids.
7. Cooking.

Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe said...

What a large and lovely space you've created to create with your family!

We do a lot of creating at our kitchen table or on the coffee table in the living room. However, my hubby is helping me to build some storage units in our office so I can make more room for crafting. He bought me a Bernina serger for my birthday, so now I must make more room for sewing!

Love your storage ideas for fabric. Must begin to look for my own fabric hutch!

Take a look at some of our crafty creations by visiting

Randa Derkson said...

1. My name is Randa
2. I live in Alberta, Canada
3. When I have free time I like to clean and scrapbook
4. I like to scrapbook
5. I do have a blog. The Bewichin' Kitchen
6. I am not good at sports
7. I am good at (well getting better at) scrapbooking :)

Kathie said...

Hi Sarah! I really enjoyed the visit and your new room is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

1. What's your name: Kathie

2. Where do you live? Central Missouri

3. What do you like to do in your free time? Spend time with my family, design graphics, read, just a random bunch of things.

4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? I am so uncrafty, but it's a goal to do something craft related in 2010.

5. Do you have a blog? Leave a link if you do! I want to come visit you.

6. What do you stink at? hah..combining colors. I cannot match colors to save my life. For that very reason, my house decorations are minimal.

7. What do you rock at? I'm going to have to say reading great blogs like this. :)

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Hi Sarah, I just found your blog today and it's sew cute! I want to reply to your questions too.

1. What's your name: Anna

2. Where do you live? San Antonio, TX (one of the only places without snow!
3. What do you like to do in your free time? Sew, work on websites, sleep, play with my dogs

4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? I love to sew and think of new projects, doing them is another matter.

5. Do you have a blog? Leave a link if you do! I want to come visit you.

6. What do you stink at? I'm a big procrastonator. So I guess I'd say doing stuff before a big deadline.

7. What do you rock at? Finding new projects to do, thinking of reasons to buy more fabric, I'm pretty good at helping out people with computer stuff.

Great idea!

Dream of Scrappin' said...

1. My name is Siobhan
2. I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado
3. I love to listen to music and play in scrappy goodness in my free time. My kids are also a special joy!
4. I really enjoy doing scrapbook pages and making cards.
5. I would love to have you over to my blog!
6. I am a procrastinator so I stink at just getting it done!
7. I do my best work of any kind…when I am under pressure.

PS How fun to have a get to know you quiz on your blog! Hmmm may have to lift that!

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Hi, 1st time visitor. Just popped over here from Crafty Storage to check out your room. Looks like a fantastic space!
1. I am Shelly
2. I live in the Northwest, Washington
3. In free time I like to do something creative, even if it is looking at books, magazines, or blogs for inspiration. And, have tea/coffe with a friend!
4. Paper crafting/scrapbooking, light sewing, polymer clay (beginner), photography..
5. My newly created blog is at
6. Keeping the sink empty of dishes, and 50% of the time... time-management! And needle crafts -just can't figure out the directions or keep my counting straight.
7. Fixing things, making birthday cards. :)

Boy, #6 & #7 were hard! Whew!

Ladybug said...

What a gorgeous craftspace!! Love the transformation! TFS!

Here's a li'l bit about me....

1. I'm Linda
2. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada
3. Love to go for long walks.
4. I mainly craft "greeting cards".
5. Here's my blog:- Please drop by. Would love to have a new follower! ;-)
6. I stink at "Math"! Would love to meet the person who invented that horrible thing! lol
7. I rock at eating chocolate!

Hillie said...

I love your room! Great!

1. I am Hillie
2. I live in a small village in the Netherlands
3. I'm addict at stamping and scrapbooking
4.I really spent my time with all my stamps, papers and ink!
5. I do have a blog:
6. Free time
7. Making new plans

Rush Girl said...

1. I am Jessica
2. I live in Grand Rapids, MI
3. I love to waterski, play my guitar and sing with my band.
4. I love to sew and crochet.
5. No blog.
6. I am terrible at reading sewing patterns. I usually have no idea what they are saying!
7. I am great at taking risks and trying new things.

Anonymous said...
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Aubrielle said...

1. Aubrielle
2. Indiana
3. Craft, play games, sleep :), talk to my family
4. It changes from time to time. Currently I am loving making baby skirts and cute hair bows (I'm prego with a girl).
5. I have a blog, but it is nothing special.
6. Decorating, especially hanging pictures.
7. Cooking. I love, love, love to make deserts. :)

Janet said...

1. Janet
2. Saskatchewan, Canada
3. Enjoy the outdoors with my kids
4. Knit, scrapbook, attempting sewing...
5. Started a blog to update grandparents with pictures - don't always update, but (sorry for the name, my brother gave it to me, my husband is bald...)
6. Terrible at keeping up with all the things I want to do!
7. Good at/really love growing vegetables. mmmm.

MagliaMo' said...

1.I'm Monica.Nice to meet you.
2.I'm Italian (born in Sicily but I'm living in Modena)
3.I've spent a lot of my free time with my new passion : toys with plastic canvas!
4.I've had got a blog since last March : visit my
It will be a great pleasure to have some new international friends :-))
5.I'm not very good at making photo.But I'm learning something more everyday.
6.People tell I write well..I really love doing it.
And I like cooking. I'm doing private lessons with my chef-husband :-))))

rayetta said...

1. Hi, my name is Rayetta
2. I live in Oregon
3. In my free time I love to experiment with raw foods and exercise
4. I am sort of crafty and like to make diaper cakes and wedding memory collages (sort of hard to explain them:)
5. I recently joined the world of blogging:
6. I stink at sewing...would love to learn more
7. I rock at creating healthy food/snacks for my family.

I am so glad I came across your blog...and look forward to reading more and trying some of the crafts.

Bri Sin said...

I'm rather new to the whole blogging community thing. And I am a lurker. So, here goes.

1. Call me Sinder. Is it my first name? no :) but it's the one I am choosing to sign all my art with henceforth.
2. I live in Northern Alabama.
3. Ha! Rest, I suppose. i keep my self so busy these days with my little guy, art, refab, our two monster dogs and , recently, writing a book.
4. I'm not picky. I just enjoy creating things. It's like a sweet little rush and you feel so proud when you are done.
5. I do have a blog, but it's not up and running yet. It's
6. I really can't follow a schedule, and I try so hard!! Oh, and bowling. I am awful.
7. Everything I want to rock at! lol Well, there's some truth to that. I'm really good at seeing something for what it could be rather than what it is.

angie forte said...

Great room!! Very blessed to have a dad with that talent.
1. Angie
2. I live in Tennessee.
3. In my free time, I love to create...crafts, food, gardens, whatever.
4. I love to visit antique stores and thrift stores for items to use in my altered art.
5. My blog is
6. I'm terrible at painting walls..go figure, I can paint pictures but not your basic flat, vertical wall. I make a terrible mess.
7. I'm really good at drawing. I love to sketch, draw, and doodle.


John and Clara Balsmeier said...

I love all of your projects! That room is wonderful...totally jealous here!!

1. Clara
2. Kansas
3. My free time is spent reading, crafting/sewing, and with my wonderful family.
4. I love to do all of the above and SHOP SHOP SHOP.
5. I
6. I am terrible at dishes...hate them.
7. I am really good at trying new things.

Sarah said...

2. Michigan
3.Read, sew, bake
4. I like to sew useful things and clothes
7. Change. We have moved a lot so I am always forced to change and adapt.

Hands Sew Full said...

Thanks so much for sharing your space, it is beautiful! I also appreciate your generous heart as you share your fabulous tutorials.
1. My name is Penny
2. I live in Northern Ontario,Canada
3. When I have time.... I Lurk! I am fascinated with the talent of everyday women like me and I am new to the computer so I wander around in here finding out new things!
4. I love to sew and quilt and scrapbook,
5. My spot is very new, and I don't know how to make a "link" yet! I am at
6. I am terrible at organizing and focusing on the task at hand! I have a million things bouncing around in my head at all times so I struggle with sticking to the one I am supposed to be doing! (like that chicken on the counter who would love a nice bath in the slow cooker....) I also suck at knitting and crochet...I keep trying but...
7.I do have excellent communication skills and I am a really good cook, (so my hubby says!)

thingsthatnooneknows said...

1. Ashley P
2. Wynne, AR
3. I love to read in my spare time.
4. I recently took up sewing but I like to handpaint wooden letters for a nursery or make diaper cakes for friends showers. I love painting and charcoal as well. My best craft so far are the letters.
5. I don't have a blog but I do havea website that I try to keep updated with pictures of my latest craftastic forays.
6. Sewing lol I'm a dreadful beginner.
7. Bein a mom, I hope :)

wanderboobanana said...

1. Anna
2. Alabama
3. Read & Write
4. tissue paper pom poms
5. negative
6. Math
7. Mommyhood, planning, zumba

Thanks so much for putting up the pinwheel directions! I'm planning a pinwheel themed baby shower, and the directions (with pictures, woop!) are just what I needed. Great blog!

Aaron and Steph said...

Love your blog!

1. Stephanie
2. Waterloo, Ontario
3. Bake and relax with my hubby and 2 pups
4. Baking, Sewing and Gardening
5. No blog for me yet.
6. Math
7. I've been told baking many times!

Ginny said...

Wow! I'm late to the de-lurking party, I guess. I just found your blog yesterday, so I think I'm excused. ;-)

1. Name: Ginny C.
2. Location: NC (Triangle area)
3. Free time? Pinterest lurking ;-) and sewing/creating fun things.
4. Best crafting? I enjoy sewing most, but I wind up not doing it as often as I'd like. I love to make things for people I love. Especially the Little People I love.
5. My (newly resurrected) blog
6. I stink at follow-through. I'm a lazy procrastinating perfectionist, which means I have great ideas, but I really don't feel like doing them because they may not turn out like I hoped they would. It's frustrating!!
7. I rock at loving my people! Husband, daughter, family, friends. You name it, I love (VERB!) them. I'm a fiercely loyal friend.

Sarah Ann said...

Just saw this and have been lurking for quite some time! :)

1. Sarah Preston
2. Atlanta, GA
3. What free time?! Stay at home mom to twin 1yo boys... if I do find it, I'm trying to get busy creating things here and there! {or looking online obviously!}
4. Items for kids birthday parties &/or cards/stationary
5. dedicated to my lil' monsters these days!
6. finding free time + remembering things + keeping that blog updated!!!!!
7. I don't know really... being a mom is pretty freaking awesome! Making things here and there for family and friends comes naturally. Cooking is a great passion of mine as well.

The Fryes said...

1. Courtney
2. Raleigh, NC
3. Travel and craft
4. Painting, knitting, some sewing
6. Cooking
7. Baking

I was just introduced to your blog by a mutual friend, Kathryn Goodson Wright. Love all of your ideas! I'll be stopping by frequently to see what new projects you have going on!

A Visit With Mrs T said...

I know this post is really old, but I just found it through swap bot.
1. Michelle
2. Eastern Washington near Idaho Border
3. Crafts, sewing, woodworking, anything artistic
4. I don't have one specific thing, it depends on what I want to do.
5 My blog is
6. Being able to just sit and not do something at the same time.
7. Reading blogs and finding new things to do...not that I don't already have enough to do!

Moon Mama said...

I found you on Pinterest and have been lurking for quite sometime. I really have enjoyed your projects and pretty much everything you've been up to. Here's the answers to your questions:

1. What's your name: Marcia
2. Where do you live? Moon, VA (on the Chesapeake Bay)
3. What do you like to do in your free time? Other than crafting, I enjoy fishing, boating, crabbing, and gardening
4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? I like to paint crab shells to sell. But that's just recently. I've done a whole lot of crafting over my years. I can't even begin to name them all.
5. Do you have a blog? Not at this time. Basically I sell at local vendors.
6. What do you stink at? Handling money!!
7. What do you rock at? Being a great wife, mom and grandmother!!!

Anonymous said...

1. What's your name Jessica
2. Where do you live? I live in South Dakota. The town that Alicia used to live in ;)
3. What do you like to do in your free time? Well, I'm a student so I don't have too much free time, but I like to craft, blog, be with family and friends, study God's word.
4. If you are crafty, what do you like to craft the best? Oh, I don't have one specific type of craft that I like to do. I guess I do a lot of crafty with 'words' if that makes sense! (verses, quotes, etc.)
5. Do you have a blog? I do!
6. What do you stink at? avoiding Target :)
7. What do you rock at? being a good friend, crafting, loving :)

Teresa said...

I also seem to be late to the party, but better late than never LOL. Just found your blog today, Love it, love the room. What a blessing to have such a generous and talented Dad.
I really love your getting to know you survey. I'm a terrible lurker I admit but not today.
So to answer the questions:

1. Teresa
2. A little town outside of Houston,Texas
3. I love to make jewelry, love drawing and painting, sewing, photography, just about anything creative. I've been told I have too many hobbies (pish, tosh, LOL).
4. I really can't pick only one that I love the best. Like one of your previous commenters I have craft ADD. Depends on the mood I'm in.
5. I just started a blog (I'm a rank beginner, ugh!) it's:'d love to have you come visit me. I'd also love to feature you sometime when I'm not such a rank newbie.
6. I really stink at Consistent time management, Okay, so maybe consistency period. ( I'm told I'm flighty LOL)
7. I'm told I'm a really great cook, I'm also really good at dreaming and planning (just not so good on follow thru).

I'll definitely be following your blog now.

Happy Jelly Belly said...

So here goes - 3 years later but hey maybe you are still around blogging and reading random thoughts of us folks...

1. Priscilla
2. Dallas, Texas smack down in the center...
3. .4 words, nine month old boy. All spare-ness goes to him, but I wish I could do sooo much more!
4. I pretend to be crafty when I have time, but I am really good at working with Swarv crystals and makin jewelry.
5. I do, but can't remember the password and just started it for my dear baby boy..
6. Actually letting the creative sode of me pour out!
7. Reading and making funny voices during story time for my jelly bean.

Susan P said...

Love, love, love your room!! My husband is retiring next week (I have to work 8 more years!), and a sewing room is at the top of my honey-do list for him!
1. My name is Susan
2. I live in beautiful Montana
3. In my free time I like to sew, go boating & 4-wheeling, cook and spend time with our now-grown kids and grandkids.
4. I love to sew, something I didn't really enjoy until I re-discovered it last year at age 53. I also love painting furniture, and repurposing all kinds of things. In the past, I've owned an art glass business, and done lots of decoupaging. I enjoy learning new crafts and end up getting bored with them once I've mastered them.
5. No blog for me....I am a fulltime attorney and seem to spend all day on the computer. I want nothing to do with it when I get home (unless I'm trolling Pinterest or my favorite blogs!).
6. Math!! If I have to figure out how to make a pattern larger/smaller, I'm in deep do-do. I'm also not very mechanical, so my husband has to help me when my favorite vintage sewing machine decides to act up.
7. Not sure, but I've often had people tell me that they love the way I mix patterns and colors....I think I'm pretty good at seeing things in a new way. I'm no gourmet cook, but I can cook lots of great meals and love serving them to my family and friends!

Unknown said...

Here are my answers:
1. Amany Abdelaziz
2. Cairo , Egypt
3. Crocheting I love crochet work and hope to own my crochet shop to offer
my work and friends work , hope to market my work abroad too ..!!
4. Any new idea with my wool and crochet needle that doesn't cost
a lot of money and get an elegant new project .
5. pls. take a tour my page with Google +
6. I'm not good at driving I have driving licence but I can not do it alone
so my husband does it for me every where ..! God bless Cute husbands..!
7. I'm really good in hand made an recycling but so bad in marketing so most
of my work for me and my family .....Any Advice please ....!